Latest status of corona virus and government measures in Punjab

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar talks to media about government measures taken against Corona virus

In his speech, Chief Minister Punjab Usman Bazdar said that

  • So far 90,000 people have been tested in Punjab province.
  • It is gratifying that 2,206 patients have reached their homes.
  • Ninety percent of the pilgrims and Tablighi Jamaat quarantined people have recovered and gone home.
  • Hundreds of Pakistanis from abroad have been housed in hotels and other quarantine centers, where they are being cared for according to SOPs.
  • More Pakistanis coming from abroad will be sent from the airport to their respective districts and will be sent home within 48 hours if the test report is negative.
  • The federal government will be recommended for permission to set up quarantine centers in homes.
  • Initially, smart sampling is being introduced in 6 districts including Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Gujarat.
  • So far, 2144 people have been sampled under Smart Sampling.
  • Under the Smart Sampling Plan, vulnerable groups have been divided into different categories.
  • Media houses, health workers, law enforcement officers, TB and AIDS patients, offices of management officers, pregnant women in hospitals and inmates in prisons, surveying the spread of corona virus in the community by conducting large-scale sampling of these categories. Will be taken
  • Punjab BSL Level 3 8 Labs established at a cost of Rs. 62 crore have become functional.
  • From tomorrow, 6000 tests will be conducted daily in Punjab.
  • Under the Ehsas Kifalat program, Rs. 34 billion has been distributed to 2.8 million families.
  • Starting next week, the Justice Assistance Program will begin providing assistance to 2.5 million families.
  • In addition, another 1 million families will be given 3,000 rupees per person under the Ramadan package.
  • More than 9,000 industrial units have been allowed to operate in Punjab. Will allow more industrial units to operate
  • Apart from the road sector and building, recommendations have been sent to the federal government for permission to open other industries related to construction.
  • The federal government has been asked to reopen the iron and steel industry, the export sector, power looms and all factories that have their own colonies.
  • It has been recommended to open the markets and bazaars across the province in different zones on different days.
  • The decision to allow the opening of markets and bazaars will be taken in consultation with the district administration, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the stakeholders.