Life Insurance Marketing Tips

People take out life insurance to make their final arrangements after death and leave their families with safety net. Others use life insurance as part of their retirement savings plan and prefer policies that pay dividends in subsequent years. 

About 70 percent of Americans have some form of life insurance and receive $ 19.3 trillion of active insurance, according to the American Life Insurance Association. To establish a segment of the market, you need to find ways to increase the level of service for your existing customers and attract new business from

Separate Yourself by Specializing

Stand out from the life insurance salespeople by making yourself essential to your customers. Increase the number of products you sell and build a reputation to specialize in selling much-needed retirement investment advice, 401 (k) planning services, or policies with added disability benefits. Market your services with small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have the luxury of full-time human resources professionals to explore the various benefits packages they can offer their employees.

Connect to Special Events

Create marketing campaigns that combine the ongoing marketing efforts of retailers and marketers across industries. Advertise the safety gift for the winter break. Reminds consumers to take care of their parents with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day campaigns. Organize major promotions and information sessions in September to align with the Life Insurance Awareness Month theme.

Target the Young Mobile Market

While every life insurance agent should have an active website to find customer contact information and find out what products they carry, make sure to look for consumers on their smartphones and be aware about final expense leads

Build mobile apps on your website so customers can find and use your services on their mobile devices. Regularly refresh your social media site with informative statistics and useful tips. Publish them on all your social sites to give potential customers reasons to click and open your links.

Build Your Referral Base

Networking is an essential tool used by most successful salespeople. The ideal network is someone who makes a referral to partners. Build a solid base of advice with professionals you know your clients need, such as accountants, accountants, lawyers, and financial investment advisors. Build ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships by regularly meeting for lunch or attending similar networking events, and by making friendly emails and phone calls.