How to manage leads in the real estate market-2021

Many professionals in the real estate market, even those who already invest in digital marketing, find it difficult to convert leads into real customers. This is due to the lack of lead management. Think about it, what do you do with those new leads that don’t respond to emails, WhatsApp messages, or calls? What percentage of leads do you end up losing because they don’t interact?

If this happens frequently, it’s time to stop wasting time and money on cold leads, trying to force sales to people who are not yet ready to buy, and start nurturing these leads of yours through marketing automation to put your energy into closer leads purchase moment, creating more opportunities to convert them into customers!

See below for tips to help you manage leads to generate more real estate sales.

Lead management on a real estate website

The leads generated through your website are different from those generated by other prospecting forms, such as via real estate portals or Facebook Ads, for example. Generally, the leads generated on your site are of higher quality and more comfortable to interact with.

There may be some similarities, but in the property sales market, where the buying journey is quite long, there is special monitoring and interaction that needs to be done for this type of lead generated through your company’s website.

To perform lead management efficiently, you need to understand the way it is generated on the internet.

Lead generation steps

The most common steps for generating real estate leads are as follows:

  1. The person searches for a term in a search engine, such as Google, clicks on an ad, or searches directly for a real estate or developer’s name.
  2. The person searches for featured real estate offers (either directly on the website or in real estate offer aggregators such as Zap Imóveis or Viva Real) or consumes the content on your website, blog, or other content distribution channel.
  3. The visitor is interested and seeks a contact form for more information. Through calls-to-action and landing pages with contact forms on your website, contact is quick and easy.
  4. The user signs up, providing name and email, and promptly receives a thank you message on the website itself or in an automated email.
  5. If there is something in these steps that don’t match your site’s process, it’s time to rethink your lead generation.

Lead management tips

Here are some tips for efficient lead management:

Invest in CRM technology

Purchasing  CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software will facilitate the management of your leads that are considered hotter, that is, that have a profile for the products you want to sell and are close to the time of purchase.

If you do not have this feature to organize your data and manage your contact rules, immediately look for a system that can meet your real estate developer or real estate marketing company needs.

Use marketing automation software to manage leads

Since the vast majority of your leads are not yet at the time of purchase, don’t spend so much energy trying to sell to them. These leads are not going to buy now, but you shouldn’t abandon them either.

The best way to manage cold leads is to use marketing automation, a way to continue to relate to your entire lead base automatically. When these leads are qualified to be approached more directly, the automation software will send you an email warning and will automatically place it in the sales funnel of your CRM software. That way, you keep your sales funnel optimized and don’t miss out on opportunities.

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Respond promptly to lead activation

When generating a lead, you guarantee to offer something that the person wants in exchange for information. People do not want to be deceived or feel that the information they received was not what they expected.

Therefore, it is necessary to respond to the person immediately with an email thanking the contact. You can respond in a personalized way or even automate this sending, considering that the message in question is inviting and fulfills the promise of content, support, or service expected by the lead when sharing your information.

If the lead provides your phone number among the information, prioritize the call immediately. To lose time in responding to this lead is to lose your future customer to the competition.

Remember that the first contact, in lead management, must be less aggressive towards sales. Let the interested person explain their needs, make themselves available to help you with whatever is necessary, and make an appropriate follow-up.

Focus on the most aligned and active leads

After about 5 or 6 emails or unanswered calls, it is necessary to optimize the time and invest in those leads that have already started and are more suitable and qualified to generate sales conversion. Let automation take care of leads that are not yet ready to buy, whether trying to reestablish contact, relating to them after some new interaction, or sending emails with educational content that solves doubts about the purchase journey.

Always use best practices when using email marketing.

The first and most important tip is: never to buy an email list. Sending emails to people who do not wish to receive them is SPAM practice. If your emails’ open rate is always low, you will be considered a spammer by Google and sent to blackmail as a punishment.

Segment your leads to send the right messages to the right people. Sending generic emails to your entire lead base will make your open and engagement rates very low.

Momentarily stop sending emails to leads who are not interacting and try to reactivate them at another time.

Treat your lead as if it were unique.

People interested in buying a property are not buying superfluous goods. The sales cycle of a property can last more than a year, so it is necessary to dedicate yourself to the customer.

Keep you and your team access to your prospect by offering fast and personalized ways of communicating. Features such as chat can be implemented on the website and integration with social networks and instant messaging applications like WhatsApp. You can even think about chatbots if you have a large, steady stream of new leads to manage.

Encouraging communication naturally with your lead and passing on the perception that he has a dedicated service and monitoring will make all the difference.


Remember that in the real estate marketing, time is short and valuable. So, know how to use your client’s time and yours efficiently.

Manage your leads wisely and know how to use your resources optimally. The better your communication channels, lead generation, and qualification are used, the better the conversion rate leads to real customers.