How to play the lottery according to your horoscope

Mathematicians will say that it is a question of probability. But if you like to play the lottery, you already know that luck has a lot to say. And who knows if luck is written in the stars? We give you some tips to play the lottery according to your horoscope, as well as the day and lucky number that correspond to your zodiac sign. Good luck!..


Enthusiastic and impatient, your thing is not to spend hours calculating the odds but to follow your hunches and bet everything on the red. Considering that your day of the week is Tuesday, everything indicates that playing Euro Millions can bring you the luck you are looking for.

Lucky number: 5


Some consider you persistent, others stubborn. You have the patience to wait for the stars to align. Your day of the week is Friday. The one too follows her; get her!

Lucky number: 12


Two personalities coexist in you: someone adventurous who signs up for whatever it is; and someone thoughtful and indecisive when it comes to making decisions. Since your day of the week is Wednesday, playing Golden Chance Lotto can be the way to reconcile the two souls within you.

Lucky number: 3


Sentimental, a friend of your friends and family above all. You like to work hard and sleep easy. Your favorite day is Monday because that’s when everything starts. 

Lucky number: 2


Cheerful, determined, and generous, you do not like to go with half measures. Ambition and leadership are part of your nature, and you don’t mind persevering until you achieve your goal. Your day of the week is Sunday, 

Lucky number: 9


Some call it shyness; you consider it education. You like to do things well, and without fanfare, organization and details are your qualities. Your day of the week is Thursday, your lucky day. One in three-tenths has a prize!

Lucky number: 17


Sometimes it is difficult for you to decide, but you do not want to close yourself to opportunities. You do not like loneliness or conflict, and you seek harmony. Your day of the week is Friday, and nothing makes you more excited than being able to share a tenth of the Christmas Lottery with the people you love the most.

Lucky number: 6


No one said being a Scorpio was comfortable. You expect a lot from life, and you don’t like disappointments. Logic always moves you, and you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Without a doubt, playing the Euro Millions with low stakes is your way to tempt your luck… with a little advantage!

Lucky number: 8


The pursuit of happiness is your motivation, you know how to face risks, and you do not mind trying to get what you want. Your day of the week is Thursday, so you never fail to play La Primitiva to see if you win a millionaire jackpot that makes your dreams come true.

Lucky number: 4


Discipline and self-control define you. You have perseverance and ambition, an active mind, and a great capacity for concentration. Saturday is your favorite day, in which you always reserve some time to play Nigeria lotto weekly and decide all your plans for the next six days to check more about the Nigeria lotto result.

Lucky number: 23


Although you may seem like a quiet and distant person on the outside, unstoppable energy boils inside you, making you fight for what you believe in. You don’t even rest on Sundays, which is your lucky day. For that reason, you should play Golden Chance Lotto.

Lucky number: 0


Your intuitive and empathetic character makes you more attracted to the spiritual world than the material one. For you, money is a means, not an objective. Your day of the week is Thursday, the ideal time to buy a tenth of the Child Draw and turn your life around as you start next year.

Lucky number: 7

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