Get Pest Free Home This Year with These Spring Cleaning Tips

We believe a deep clean for any house isn’t complete until there is a considerable pest prevention effort. Also, as the blooming season arrives, so does pest warnings of all kinds. Homeowners and property owners in general should always make pest prevention a great priority for all cleaning projects. A pest free home is essential to spend quality time when you are not out and about.

While dusting, sweeping, washing and all other cleaning projects are of great importance too, pest prevention needs to be encouraged. When you deep clean around all corners and hidden places, you are automatically doing pest prevention at the same time. Insect killer spray is a good way to control pests, but when deep clean around the house, in all corners and hidden places, you are unconsciously doing pest prevention at the same time. However, specific prevention techniques for a pest free home must also be used. Here are some of them for your consideration this year:

Get a Pre-Season Professional Survey

Although most homeowners like to know that self pest removal is very effective, lot of the times it is not. Regular people who don’t have the adequate training, have limited knowledge when it comes to pest care. To keep a pest free home, you need professional help on time.

Set up a professional pest control Langley service visit for your home or property. All major cities of the world have local pest control services available. Get them to your property and get a detailed survey through all different rooms and spaces of the house.

Professional knowledge and expertise in the field would help service providers look where you normally wouldn’t. Mice, fleas, flies, ants, mosquitoes, wasps and bugs of many other types can make your nights sleepless. Get professional pest removal done before the season starts to eliminate hotspots.

Make Sure to Store Firewood Away from Walls and Windows

One of the biggest and easiest routes pests of different kinds take is firewood and then into the property. Firewood is damp and can also collect more liquid from rainwater and other sources. Firewood stacks stored near walls of the home and windows can be perfect for letting pests in.

One of the best things you can do to get a pest free home this year is to store firewood efficiently. Make sure to have it at least 6 feet away from any wall. Pests can populate the firewood stack and then crawl onto the nearby wall. Especially if that walls also has a window, pests will make their way in inevitably.

In addition to storing your firewood away from the walls, make sure to keep it dry. Cover the stack with a waterproof tarp. Also, try to smoke the stack every so often. Smoking the entire stack can drive pests out of it and even suffocate ones residing inside getting rid of them.

Remove Any Water Puddles and Possible Collection Points

Spring is big on mosquitoes. These pesky fliers are specialized spring and summer time pests that will keep your awake at night. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs on standing water. Make sure to remove any smallest puddles of water and also any possible collection points.

Go around the floor on side of the walls and also in all of the backyard or front lawn looking for small potholes. Even out any that may be able to hold rain water or water from washing. Mosquitoes and a whole host of other pests can drink from standing water puddles supporting their population.

Any professional pest control Surrey company will tell you how standing water puddles can be a problem. Check inside storage units, in the garage and anywhere else around the property. Get a pest free home by removing places or spots where they can grow population from.

Keep the Place Well Ventilated and Airy

Pests love it humid with not a lot of fresh air. They will thrive in homes or properties that have a lot of humidity. Termites, mosquitoes and many other forms multiply quickly in places with high humidity. What you can do to stop this from happening is to keep your home well ventilated.

If you have fans in the home, make sure to run them at least a few hours every day. Keep windows open to let in sunlight and fresh air as much as possible. Keep your home fresh with whatever you can do. Even use air fresheners that provide a nice atmosphere in different parts of the home.

To keep a pest free home is all about discouraging their population from grown and stopping them from entering. Create conditions that are not particularly attractive to pests to have them not invited. These techniques can keep a pest free home feeling a lot fresher for this spring as well.