Weight Loss and Fitness Plateau

Bust Through Weight Loss and Fitness Plateaus Č I have a couple of tips that will help you beat the dreaded weight loss and fitness plateaus. Maybe you’ve been working out hard. Maybe you haven’t. But regardless, I’m going to tough it out.

Fitness Plateau

But first, here’s a fact you should know…

You are not likely to ever hit a weight loss plateau. Well, not naturally anyways. Even if you were on a “diet” or were exercising, you still wouldn’t hit a tough weight loss plateau. Never at any point in the history of the human race has someone worked hard at achieving weight loss and then achieved their fat loss goals once.

“Oh no! Please don’t tell me I have to stay on a diet or I have to exercise more.” That’s not the case. Weight loss and fitness plateaus are overused and expected in the gym. And, yes, some people are dumb enough to think they’re the only ones affected by it. You may but have noticed people are starting to gain the “eating up” and “getting a good workout” diligently but you’re NOT gaining weight as well? That’s because you have not radically changed your nutrition or recovery habits.

Here’s the bottom line: You’re probably going to hit many of the traditional weight loss and fitness plateaus because of habitual activity. It’s what you do in the gym whether and how much you’re eating that matters, how your body responds to that activity, and how much you need to increase your training or your calories and/or your efforts from time to time. Oh, and please don’t mention the eating pizza and blowing pies and partying that keeps you up on the Saturdays of the holidays – most of my clients are paying for that so can use it however they want.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind; when you go through a BIG weight loss or fitness plateau it is actually a symptom that you, and the person monitoring you, or the equipment you use, or your habits (in that case, it’s the THEY eg: your grocery store habits), your gym habit, or even your lifestyle is out of whack. Get it? Just because you’ve hit a fitness plateau; don’t throw the towel in on yourself and give up on yourself & your goals.

It’s OK. Just say to yourself I need to put the “ic” back in adequate food and other activity. It’s all about self-awareness and testimonials plus old school magazines like Flex and Sneck, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, and Women’s Health. A good personal trainer can certainly find problems or issues that are keeping you from achieving your weight loss goals, or at least not accomplishing them.

Okay, I’m not going to go into the details but a weight loss or fitness plateau is a safety warning. The reason for them is because most people hit the dreaded “plateau” after a few months of heavy physical activity & dieting which slows the metabolism. First thing to do at this point is to increase the amount of physical activity and change up your diet.

If after a couple of weeks you haven’t seen a decrease in physical progress, then it is OK to slowly up the treadmill a bit which will increase the calories you burn. Sometimes it takes a couple weeks or even months, but don’t let that slow you down because if you are following the proper fitness plan, a big restriction or decrease in calories or carbohydrates will not only slow you down but could be counterproductive.

If you continue to train and eat regularly, and you don’t see a decrease in physical activity/weight on the scale, then don’t beat your self up. Just readjust the next couple of weeks.Most people just run out the door without thinking this is the part where we make small Calculators to solve the ‘Huffing and puffing’ problem. If you aren’t doing enough weight training exercises & muscles are being added to your body, then that would cause your metabolism to slow because muscles burn more calories to sustain themselves than fat does. So, you may stop losing weight.

Here are 6 tips to beat that weight loss ‘plateau’ and continue to lose the pounds or continue to lose the weight.

Create a training plan for the follow week and fill it with three full body workouts and two high-intensity short aerobic workouts. It may sound easy but that’s just because you have done it ( Qatar Too Fat). Grasp weight-loss & fitness principles and listen to your body and allow your body to tell you when you have saturated certain potentially valuable nutrients (i.e. carbohydrates, proteins, & fat) and temporarily forgot to fuel your muscles or shut down your body’s ability to extract from the nutrients the body requires throughout the day.