Wise Solution – The Top Reseller Hosting Provider in 2021

With the expanding demand for web services, people are shifting and creating their businesses online, which has led to increasing requirements for web hosting services. The hosting providers have started lending their services and resources to resell them to the end customers further. It has given people a huge opportunity to initiate their web hosting business from home and earn extra income.

The developers especially prefer to opt for reseller hosting as it becomes counterproductive for them to resell hosting services along with developing websites for clients. The reseller hosting has entirely broken the delusion that only people with technical expertise have the privilege to grow the web hosting business. Many entrepreneurs and other individuals have started reselling hosting services and made it a successful business.

You can find a very less number of hosting providers offering reliable, profitable reseller services. The Wise Solution is among one of such leading hosting providers existing today. Before you get insights into this company, it is crucial that you comprehend the reseller concept accurately.

What is Reseller Hosting?

What is REseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is an excellent option to start your web hosting business without any investment in infrastructure, space, and various facilities to provide hosting services to your end customers. Your reseller provider will lend you all the resources required to make your own web hosting plans and packages and resell them at your end. There are three major types of reseller hosting that any best web hosting provider will make available to you. Let us introduce you to all of them in the following columns.

Types Of Reseller Hosting

The reseller hosting is differentiated into the three major categories as explained below –

1.    Windows Reseller Hosting

In the Windows Reseller Hosting service, you will have the Windows operating system running on your hosting server base. It is extremely compatible with different Microsoft applications and software. Because of the graphical user interface provided by the Windows operating system under the Microsoft Corporations, it becomes easier for those users who do not possess much technical expertise, to access the system.

Moreover, the Wise Solution Windows reseller hosting service offers the Plesk control panel that makes it straightforward for you to smoothly handle all the hosting services you resell to your end customers. The users will also get the free website builder tool that can enable them to utilize the options of drag and drop to create or build the website with just two primary factors.

Therefore, if someone is not really effective with his/her programming skills and coding will still have the opportunity to build an efficient site while performing drag and drop action in the software. The software also renders the best themes options to choose from so that you can pick any of them which suits your business website the best.

With the Windows reseller hosting plan, you can operate API (Application Programming Interface) without any difficulty, unlike with other reseller hosting services. You will be able to modify your hosting accounts effortlessly without any hassle. Additionally, Wise Solution Windows reseller hosting services grant unlimited POP3 & IMAP support, enabling you to create and manage unlimited hosting accounts with ease.

2.    Linux Reseller hosting

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In the Linux Reseller Hosting service, you will have the Linux operating system running on your hosting server foundation. If you want to run your hosting business as the admin or the developer, the cheap Linux reseller hosting will suit you the best due to its large number of features and open-source platform. Users with the technical knowledge will have the possibility to create and develop the hosting services more flexibly while customizing their requirements. You can add as many applications your business needs on your server that are compatible with the Linux operating system. Linux, being open-sourced in nature, gives the higher stability and possesses the capability to adapt to any given environment. You get the opportunity to develop and update the Linux reseller hosting service every now and then.

With the Linux reseller hosting services, you can manage your web business budget effectively. It is the best alternative from all the reseller hosting options, which lets you save your money from investing much in hosting services. Since Linux operating systems are free, picking the Linux reseller hosting service will become pocket-friendly and cost-effective for your online business. Therefore, you will have the chance to invest in other aspects of your web business to expand it further.

On the other side, no matter what, each user thrives on having reseller hosting, which provides total security for both data and applications. Here is where Linux reseller hosting serves your web business best as it renders high security to the users.

3.    WHMCS Reseller Hosting

The WHMCS is an acronym for Web Hosting Management Complete Solution. As the name infers, in the WHMCS reseller hosting, you acquire the client management automation tool, i.e., online billing software used to run, maintain, and control your hosting business. You can have the best reseller hosting with WHMCS at the most affordable prices. It allows you to compute web hosting packages in a quicker, straightforward, and cost-effective way to append value to your own web hosting plans.

Generally, Web Hosting Management Complete Solution comes up as an automated billing software used by a large organization, company, or large-scale business. The WHMCS enables the users to secure the money transactions and, moreover, helps to protect their personal data and files. You will be able to run your web business on automation and optimize it efficiently with the WHMCS software. 

The Wise Solution WHMCS reseller hosting services value the customers’ money and time. Therefore, the company offers affordable and secure billing software with all its hosting plans. Your website will get the potentiality to handle the high traffic for your extensive business. With the Wise Solution WHMCS hosting plans, your business website can acquire massive data storage capacity, large backups, automated advanced account creation with suspension and termination, integrated instant client support services, email integration, manifest statistical reports, top-notch e-commerce, and security solutions.

On the other side, you can have access to easy track payment, multiple languages support for the control panel, along with the ultimate resources and broad range of bandwidth networks.

How to select a Reseller hosting Company?

To pick any reseller hosting company for beginning your web hosting business, you need to keep a few essential points in mind. Let’s go through them.

  • Your hosting provider’s company must be capable of offering cheap Linux reseller hosting, cheap Windows reseller hosting packages, or the WHMCS reseller hosting plans, whichever your business needs.
  • The company must provide your hosting business with integrated control panel accounts of your choice that you can utilize to handle your clients’ hosting.
  • It should provide the easy migration option if you are already using another service provider’s reseller hosting service.
  • It must render you a free SSL certificate for sites on your hosting.
  • It should support your business with reliable customer and technical support along with robust security standards.
  • The company must let you host unlimited websites without any interruptions and limitations.
  • It must render your web hosting business with backup services to let you secure the data of your website and your clients.
  • The company must assure you maximum uptime along with the premium network for the minimum page load time and higher SEO ranking.

The Wise Solution reseller hosting provider makes you access the above-discussed factors and the various other benefits and services. Let us dive into the further sections to know more about the Wise Solution company.

Why Choose Wise Solution only?

The Wise Solution comes under the fastest-growing and most recognized reseller hosting company that renders reliable, secure, and advanced hosting services. The company offers flexible and seamless network connectivity to intensify your business growth and generate maximum revenue. Here are the perks you will be receiving while picking the reseller hosting plans and packages from the Wise Solution –

➢   Malware Scan & Protection

You will acquire preventive security measures against malware such as end-to-end data encryption and DDoS protection with the company’s reseller hosting services to secure your data and files. Moreover, you will get the authority to install in-built security firewalls to timely scan the entire system and website to protect your site against the various security threats that try to corrupt your web business.

➢   Instant Customer Support

You will have 24/7 customer support from the Wise Solution professional’s team. They will always be available and highly responsive to provide you the instant answers to your queries and expert solution within the minimum time. You can connect with the company’s professionals at any moment via the preferred communication mode – Email, WhatsApp, Skype, Live Chat, Phone Call.

➢   One-click Installer

You will get the opportunity to install any number of applications of your choice within a second in just one click. The company offers the Softaculous one-click installer to let you install applications such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc., with a click.

➢   100% SSD Storage

Boost your business performance by storing data on the SSD(Solid State Drive) instead of HDD(Hard Disk Drive). It ensures to proffer ultimate boost to your website performance and speed to serve one-click web page load experience.

Wise solution Hosting Plans & Prices

The Wise Solution reseller hosting provider offers flexible, cheap plans for Linux, Windows, WHMCS reseller hosting services. It lets its users customize the reseller hosting plans and packages according to their business and end-customers necessities. The Wise Solution users get the possibility to resell the customized hosting services under their own brand name. They can set affordable prices for reseller hosting plans and packages for their customers as the Wise Solution renders the cheapest reseller hosting with WHMCS @ Rs.1550, Linux @ Rs., and Windows operating systems. Additionally, the company also renders 24/7/365 technical support with all the reseller hosting services under its certified, trained, and experienced professionals.

Wise Solution Customer Reviews

It will be best if you can invest your time and efforts in examining the reseller hosting provider services that you are wondering about picking for initiating your web hosting business. The most striking way to investigate is to find out reviews from the provider’s current or old customers. That is because reviews have the power to reveal the company’s credibility and tell you if you can achieve your business aims with the company’s services or not. Here we are providing the Wise Solution customer Reviews to let you trust the company and interact with the company’s officials.

Wise Solution Customer Reviews


Wise Solution, being a top reseller hosting provider, makes sure that you as a reseller will acquire the 100% White Labeled System to legally put your brand name on third-party services and save your time and cost. It will permit you to resell the services using pre-configured reseller hosting packages effortlessly. The Merchant company will be completely hidden from your valuable end customers and clients. You can connect with the Wise Solution professionals or check out the company’s official website to grab further information and inquire about its services and facilities.

Official website : https://www.wisesolution.in/

Support : [email protected]

Phone no : +91-6378789956

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