5 Longines Series For The Globetrotters

Do you love Swiss-made luxury watches? Do you appreciate a timeless piece and beautifully crafted watches? Do you value function and aesthetic when it comes to shopping for timepieces? There may be a lot of luxury watches in the market today but there’s still this particular brand that stands out among other watches around the globe. Let’s take a look at the watches made by the luxury brand Longines.

Longines has been making high-quality watches for over 140 years. It has been well-known in the watchmaking world for many good reasons, This high-quality watch manufacturer is all about the globetrotters’ quests–from the field of equestrian sports, diving, and aviation, among others. For those who are looking to invest in a unique timepiece that’s oozing with character and style, you should consider checking out Longine watches. To help you decide on which watch to get, here are the top collections from Longines that every adventurer around the globe would love;

  1. Spirit

The Longines watches men offer varied designs and styles to match the watch collectors’ preference. One of its collections, the Longines Spirit series, was crafted to give tribute to the golden days of aviation. To celebrate the pioneering spirit of aviation, the series created timepieces with modern styles and top-of-the-line functionalities.

It perfectly depicts the exceptional individuals who became famous in the aviation industry – with its top-notch timepieces that show the company’s rich heritage and innovative technology. The watches under the collection are the perfect travel buddy as it was made to cater to different time zones in the world. You won’t be lost with time as you use these watches in the Longines Spirit series: Longines Spirit Automatic Green Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch

  • Spirit Automatic Men’s Watch
  • Spirit Automatic Chronograph Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch.
  1. Railroad

The Longines Railroad collection became famous in the 1960s as an iconic series of timepieces to eliminate the chance of having train accidents. Its diverse designs draw inspiration from the growing number of railroad accidents and created a very handsome timepiece. The following timepieces are approved to be used by the railroad employees as it will greatly help them serve the passengers well and do their job.

Since this series was created to cater to the railroad, this will go well with any train adventures – whether you are simply riding the train to go to work or to go on a vacation, this will be a great watch to wear with your outfit. There are only two watches under the Longines Railroad collection and these are the Longines Railroad Automatic Watch and Longines Railroad Automatic Men’s Watch.

  1. Equestrian

The Longines Equestrian series has prestigious and stylish watches for ladies out there. The long-standing watch brand has created watches to show its strong ties to the equestrian world. The timepieces were created with great performance not to mention their class and elegance will surely make the ladies love it. Its stylish façade will make a great addition to your collection and can be a souvenir to every travels that you make. It’s a great watch to wear on your out-of-the-country travels like a trip to Paris, an adventure in Dubai, a tour in Japan, and sightseeing in the rivers of Italy. These timepieces under the Longines Equestrian series will surely be a great travel buddy: 

  • Equestrian Collection Quartz Silver Dial Stainless Steel Ladies Watch
  • Equestrian Quartz Mother of Pearl Dial Diamond Ladies Watch
  • Equestrian Quartz Diamonds Ladies Watch.
  1. Hydroconquest

If you are looking for the diver’s watch of the Longines, you should look at the Longines Hydroconquest collection. It offers dive watches in different colors that showcase the brand’s creativity and innovation. The appealing watches are also very durable and reliable as they have a waterproof function that is perfect for divers. Aside from their fantastic functionality, the watches are very handy and have captivating designs that will surely give you a good time underwater. Since the watches are made for divers, these will look good for any water adventure like a vacation in Rio, a summer getaway in Bali, and fun diving in Palawan. Check out these timepieces that will surely make your beach getaway a very memorable vacation: 

  • HydroConquest Quartz Black Dial Men’s Watch, Longines
  • HydroConquest Automatic Black Dial Chronograph Men’s Watch and Longines HydroConquest Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch.
  1. Conquest

The Longines Conquest collection is very special as it was created to be sporty and at the same time gives out an elegant style. Whether it is a sportswear or business suit, the watches under the Conquest series will surely give your look a very stylish and classy appeal. It also boasts of its precise quartz movements that don’t only come with three hands but also feature chronographs and GMT technicalities.

In addition to that, this series began over 60 years ago but still its vintage models are well known in the market. The watches are great to wear on your business trip or a quick getaway after a tiring and busy week that you had. These timepieces will be a good addition to your watch collection as you conquer your destination: 

  • Conquest VHP Quartz Blue Dial Men’s Watch
  • Conquest Quartz Men’s Watch
  • Conquest Quartz Women’s Watch. 

Final Thoughts

Longines has been in the watchmaking industry for over a century. It has served people around the world for its elegant-looking watches and technical innovation to meet the present modern needs in the market. The luxury brand offers unique features to cater to different quests for the globetrotters like equestrian sports, aviation, diving, and train adventures.

The perfect buddy to bring on your adventures to make them more memorable and fun. These timepieces will not only give a stylish look to your outfit but also will help you make use of its functionalities as you go over different adventures that you will have in your life. For more watches to check out, visit WatchShopping.com. It is the best online store for all your luxury watch needs.