Why Are Every Start-up Using Fleet Management Software to Grow their Business?

Managing enterprise fleets and their day-to-day operations are Hercules tasks for fleet managers. Most fleet managers still use paper and pen for the trip plan excel sheets for vehicle and driver details, above all communicate with drivers using phone calls and messages. To improve the productivity and process the enterprise fleet management operators should use effective fleet management software. The FMS will streamline vehicle management and improve driver communication problems.

In this article, we will discuss the need for enterprise fleet management software for your large fleet management.

Fleet Management Software

Operations are streamlined

Fleet management software will streamline the fleet operations, as the fleet managers can create and assign the trip using the software application on web or mobile applications. Using the driver application, the driver will get notified about the trip assigned by the fleet manager with the location to pick up the vehicle, loading point, and unloading point locations. Now using the fleet management ecosystem of FMS and DRIVER APP the driver communication is improved as driver and fleet manager interact with each other digitally.

Apart from the trip plan and management, the fleet manager can maintain the vehicle list and driver list with updated status of both. Fleet managers can track the vehicle and its live status using fleet management software and avoid unwanted calls with drivers.  

The fleet manager can optimize the route optimization and plan with the aid of a GPS vehicle tracking system or alternatives of GPS like SIM Tracking, Dash Cams, and Driver app tracking.

Procedures Organised

Fleets are organized in the fleet management software, the application provides the updated status of the vehicles with a number of vehicles in transit, loading station, unloading station, and shed/service. Fleet managers can track the loading status without calling the driver as the driver himself updates all the status updates using the driver app.

Furthermore, the application will provide the vehicle performance reports, driver behavior reports, share the trip status to the customers for ETAs and live location tracking. 

Instead of moving from one place to another, all the vital information, status, details, and documents are handled in one common place with fleet management software and everyone in the team can access the information. 

Better Customer Service

Customer is important to run any successful business, to provide better customer service many logistics organizations are using fleet management software. The fleet management software will help to share the trip for live tracking, the expenses management system can be managed digitally, and raise invoices. 

All the customer-related inquiries need not be answered by fleet managers alone, anyone who has access to the fleet management software can check and share the vital information requested by clients.

Every customer will get the feel of joy when using the fleet management software, as all his details related to trips, consignment and bill details, documents, and ETAs for planning to improve the optimization and productivity. 

Detailed Analytics and Report

In the fleet management software, there will be various reports and analytics that will help to take vital business decisions and analysis of vehicle performance. Some of the major reports that will be available in fleet management software include vehicle productivity report, distance traveled report, idling report, over-speed report, driver performance details, maintenance report, and other vital reports to improve the productivity and reduce downtime of vehicles.

Fleet management software is a fantastic application that will prove to be useful each and every day for any fleet manager who uses it. VAMOSYS is a forerunner in the fleet management system and our solution exceeds everyone’s expectations in offering you the best in class alternatives for all aspects of fleet management.