Make your Holidays Enjoyable with Innovative Escape room Games Themes

The festive season is upon us, and if 2021 has told us anything, we know it could be a little different than last winter. The festive season is about spending time with people close to you, which usually means parties. While this year may not be a substitute for large gatherings and grand celebrations for many of us, it is more important than ever to engage in activities that connect us with those who love us.

If you are trying to plan the entertainment of your family and friends, do not be afraid. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that escape the room in Chicago are the perfect holiday get-togethers. We have you covered.

The escape room is a great bonding experience

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult to connect with your friends and family fully. Smartphones and other technologies have a lot of distractions and certainly attract less attention for many people. We’re sure you’ve got your fair share of asking your kids to put down the phone at dinner.

Escape room games provide the perfect environment to connect with others fully. When you walk into your escape room, you are completely immersed in the area around you. To achieve your objective and escape room online, you must communicate with the people in your group to find clues and solve puzzles. There is constant activity in the escape room, and once you understand the puzzle, it moves on to the next puzzle. Unless you want to be a bad partner, this constant discussion and communication leave little room for hope on social media or text friends!

All escape the room booking is private

Escape the Room has taken many steps to ensure a clean and safe environment for our guests to cope with this difficult time. Our new policy in these steps is that all Escape the Room games are private. While we have done this to keep our guests safe, it has the added benefit of providing you with a more intimate experience. Don’t worry about liking or pairing up with a group pulling your team down. When you book a room for yourself and your group, you will be the only people in the room!

Escape room themes you will see this year

The escape room is very fun, not only for the various puzzles you solve but also for the complex themes involved in each room that make the game come alive. The fully immersed atmosphere brings the escape room to life and makes your 60-minute key hunt even more exciting.

Spy conspiracy theme

The Escape Room with Secret Agent theme is perfect for key finders looking for a thrilling detective prank. Want to recreate the excitement of the movie? Escape the Room “Agency” recruits’ players on a mission to hide a secret agent.

Research venture theme

This is a popular topic for a good reason. If Indiana Jones Movies is your thing, find a complete escape room with archaeological adventure, exploring caves, ancient temples, and lost tombs. You don’t want to miss “The Dig” of Escape the Room, which sends researchers into the deepest artifacts on Earth in search of artifacts and a way back to the surface.

The secrets of science theme

Everyone loves a good science-based mystery, especially when it comes to saving the world. Add some fear and excitement, and you have an amazing movie like Jurassic Park or Contagion. In “Meltdown,” a team is working to prevent a nuclear meltdown in a power plant. And in “Jurassic Escape,” your team is defending the city from the dinosaurs raised by the evil corporation! Escape the Fed Room “Outbreak” allows players to save the world from the evil scientist’s conspiracy to poison the water supply.

Time-based theme

Time travel has always been a popular trope in science fiction, and it can make a very fun escape room. The room escape “Western Bank Hast” plunges you into the Old West, robbing the bank and trying to escape with the money. “The Rick Room” takes you out of time and into the eighties, into a room full of lots of fun games that remind you of the past. There is also an escape room where you tinker with time! In “The Clock Tower,” you are helping a trapped timekeeper fix the flow of time and save the world.

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