Valid Reasons To Do Word File Conversions to PDF

Anyone who regularly uses a computer knows the Word file format by now. Word is a staple of any educated person’s document go-to’s because it is so useful. As a word processing document format, you can write practically anything in Word, and it will suit you. So that brings up the question: how do you keep your Word documents secure?

Using PDF for Word Security

By itself, it can be quite difficult to keep your Word files secure because it was designed to be very flexible and accessible. It seems that there is a trade-off somehow when Microsoft was designing Word. But you don’t have to be a victim. You can simply convert Word to PDF.

PDF is a Secure File Format

Just as Word is famous around the globe as the preferred word processing file format, PDF is equally famous because practically all white-collar workers use it to secure a document. When you convert a Word file into PDF format, it can still be seen and read, but no one (except the document’s source) can edit its content. Yes, PDF can be pretty secure.

But wait, you might be thinking that PDF requires buying expensive software for this security strategy to work. In the past, yes, that would be the scenario. But nowadays, you have a better option. You can rely on GogoPDF to convert your Word file into a PDF instead. 

Try GogoPDF for File Conversion

GogoPDF is a cloud service website that offers a host of file conversion tools online. With this kind of service, you can upload or drag and drop your Word file into the right GogoPDF field to start the file conversion process. You will wind up with a new PDF document that looks exactly like the original Word file you had. But the main difference is that you can add a password to your PDF to keep unwanted people out.

Benefits of Saving in PDF Format

Using a PDF format is ideal for people who want to save a Word document in its original form for the benefit of the sender and the recipient. Because there is an encrypted password, it is not easy to change the file back into its Word form. A person who doesn’t have that password will not open it to tamper with the document.

GogoPDF Offers Flexibility in File Conversion

Admittedly, there are many other file conversion tools out there. GogoPDF differentiates itself by promising that the content of your Word document will not be altered. This means that whatever your Word file contains will be retained with 100% accuracy. So anything you encoded, such as lists, tables, texts, and images, will still be there. The only difference is that it will be placed in PDF format.

No Need to Buy Expensive Software

This GogoPDF tool is offered via subscription only. This means you can try out the Free Trial option. If you like how the service works as a trial version, you can later shift to the subscription option. By paying for a subscription to the service, you won’t be missing out on the many tools featured. And that includes the Word to PDF file conversion tool.

There is no need to buy PDF software, even though that has been the norm for decades. You need to pay for your subscription once the Free Trial has culminated. If you subscribe, you gain unlimited access to the many tools of GogoPDF. That gives you a lot of power and freedom over your documents.

There is another reason for doing away with expensive software. GogoPDF is a cloud service, meaning you gain additional flexibility when it comes to Internet access. As long as the device you are using can access the Internet well, and if the Internet signal is strong enough, you don’t have to download anything into your computer or gadget.

Both Word File Extensions Allowed

You probably already know that you can save your Word file in your gadget under either the .doc or the .docx file extensions. When it comes to converting your Word file into PDF, the GogoPDF tool will accept either extension. This gives you even more freedom over how your Word files will be treated in the system.

No Need to Switch Browsers or Operating Systems

You might also notice that the file conversion tool is not that picky when it comes to browsers. As long as you’re using a mainstream browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome you’re good to go. And that covers operating systems as well – the big three (namely, Linux, Windows, and Macintosh) are usually used for file conversion in GogoPDF 

The good news about this is that you gain speed over the process. This means you needn’t go crazy trying to forecast which operating system and browser will be used for file conversion. Since most people use the afore-mentioned OS and browsers regularly, that makes for a lot of satisfied GogoPDF subscribers. 

Time Is Not a Problem

One side benefit that not many people are aware of (or that maybe they take for granted) is that the cloud service is available round-the-clock, seven days a week. So if you happen to be a night owl working at night, you can do your file conversion at any hour or minute. That just makes it more convenient for professionals like lawyers or doctors who work through the night.

Students burning the midnight oil are another group of people who would love that kind of flexibility. The days of all-nighters haven’t gone away, so GogoPDF is attuned to their needs as well. These people will love that GogoPDF also has many other tools linked to PDF usage that they can avail of.


If you’ve never tried to convert a Word file into PDF before, it’s only natural to get nervous about it. The good news is that you can now try the GogoPDF service. With patience, the ability to follow simple instructions, and an open attitude, you might tag GogoPDF as your favorite file conversion tool sometime soon.