Solid vs. Engineered Oak Flooring: Which One to Choose

Looking for flooring questions and answers regarding Solid vs. Engineered oak? If yes, read this post till the end to clarify your doubts. Solid wood is made of timber planks obtained from the bark of the oak, maple, and walnut trees. The solid wood flooring is composed of continuous layers of hardwood which are more durable.

Studies suggest that although the price of engineered wood is less than that of solid wood planks, the hardwood flooring lasts longer than the former and is more strong and sturdy. 

Although it looks similar to that of hardwood floors, the engineered wood is made of planks of hardwood layer, which are relatively thinner. The adhesive is used to join this wooden plank to a thin layer of plywood. Hence even though both look similar, the former is superior in quality to engineered wood. 

Here we shall draw a comparison between the solid wood and hardwood flooring options- 

Contrasting feature of solid wood and engineered wood for the floors

  • The basic structure and composition

The flooring questions and answers are vital as the buyers are confused about the choice of products. However, there is no certain way to distinguish between them both and favor the sale of one particular option. Your choice of flooring depends on your preference and budget, which play a crucial role before negotiating the purchase. 

Example of solid woods and engineered woods

For example, the solid wood planks are usually longer and are made of hardwood timber. They are interlocked at the edges to make them sturdier and durable when it comes to subjecting pressure on the floor. The installation of solid wood requires the assistance of an expert to set up the floor in proper order.

Solid vs. Engineered Oak Flooring: Which One to Choose 3

On the other hand, the engineered wood planks are composed of a thin layer of hardwood that adheres to the premium quality of the plywood. When that happens, such planks are easier to install, and you can initiate the task all by yourself. The cost of the product is low and lasts up to almost twenty to thirty years. 

  • Availability of options and choices 

The solid hardwood floors are designed in unique patterns because of the availability of colors and patterns. The flooring questions and answers among the buyers are mostly regarding the suitable choices and presence of varieties. In the case of solid wood, the customers will come across a plethora of choices.

The patterns and designs of the flooring planks are unique and distinguished. They add a touch of excellence to the home decor of the building. You shall find the planks in different colors so the buyers can easily match and blend the texture and shade with the furnishing of the house. 

Wrapping it up

The choice of flooring depends on the buyer’s budget and how they desire to decorate their house. The affordability of engineered wood is reasonable, but the solid woods add a sense of culture and perfection to the house.