The Advantages of Social Media Monitoring

Internet has become a sensation; people increasingly use it as a communication medium. Businesses are tapping the mainstream to target the audience for their products and services. Monitoring a brand’s social mentions is essential for its growth and maintaining a good reputation. Social media monitoring keeps brands updated on what’s happening on social platforms. Businesses can use this insight to improve their products and service delivery and sort out any raised concerns. Though the process can be manually overwhelming, using the right tools allows companies to mainstream the entire process. There are numerous ways to benefit from using social media monitoring.

Learn details customers won’t directly address to you

No matter how great you build your customer relations, they can’t directly raise their honest opinions with you, making it challenging to identify their true feelings about your products and services. Social media monitoring becomes handy when it comes to determining the platform’s brand mentioned. Whether the feedback is negative or positive, it helps a business identify its areas of improvement and strengths. It’s an elegant way to tap into consumers’ thoughts, indirectly giving you an insight into your products and services.

Improve customer service

Customer service is a wide factor that affects shoppers’ purchase decisions. Unlike what most people think, it handles more than customer complaints. Social media presence has made it easy for customers and prospects to communicate with their brand of choice. Thus social monitoring ensures brands respond to customers on time to avoid ruining your reputation and lose clients.

Control bad press

Social media monitoring is primarily meant to ensure timely responses to clients and learn their genuine opinion on products. However, with business growth, negative publicity is bound to happen. Through monitoring, companies can identify negative press and contain it before it gets out of control. Thus limiting the effect bound to have on a brand’s reputation.

Spy on your competitors

Once a business becomes an expert in social monitoring, it can use specific tools to watch competitors. Companies identify competitor weaknesses through customer complaints on their social feed. It creates an opportunity to deliver on areas that competitors are failing. On the other hand, if they succeed, you can identify what they are doing better than you.

Suitable monitoring tools

Instead of carrying the whole process manually, there is software that mainstream the approaches from different social media platforms.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite lets you monitor relevant conversations about your business, products, or industry. It allows streams to be shared to ensure everyone on your team access the same information. Comments that need response are assigned to the right team member.

2. Google Alerts

Google Alerts monitors the entire web for any mention of a company or relevant topics. Sign in to a Google account to activate the software, then click on Google Alerts and type a preferred keyword in the box. Each time Google finds relevant results, they send a notification to your email.

3. Talkwalker

Talkwalker allows businesses to filter conversations across 150 million sources. It simply analyzes reach, comment, brand sentiment, and consumer engagement.

4. Reddit search

Reddit is a relevant site with a wide range of active users. Through it, businesses can learn conversations around competitors, brands, and industry across the web.

NetBase Quid

Social media monitoring is an essential element of social media marketing. NetBase Quid helps businesses analyze and grow their social media efforts. Converting conversations into subsequent marketing campaigns and using the correct monitoring tools makes social monitoring easy. They know the right content that can transform your audience into business by identifying trending topics in advance.