Drinking-Water Trends With Water Ionizer

The use of Water Ionizers has been a trend nowadays. There has been a lot of debate on whether water ionizers are safe and effective or not. A Water ionizer plays an important role in eliminating the unsafe chemicals and hard minerals from water. Also, there is a wide variety of water ionizers available in the market based on different forms and shapes. In this article, we will be exploring much more about various kinds of water ionizers and will also know, how worthy are they to be invested in?

What Is Water Ionizer? 

Water Ionizer is also known as an alkaline water ionizer. It is a device that works for improving the quality of drinking water and benefiting human health. This appliance rises the alkaline property of water by changing its pH level. The water ionized in a water ionizer is known as ionized water. Hence, it comprises metal plates, generally platinum and titanium. Thus, the appliance uses the process of electrolytes and divides the ions present in the water that enhances the level of alkaline pH. Thus, alkaline water provider you with ample health benefits. Moreover, the water ionizer separates the incoming stream of water into the alkaline & acidic components.

Alkaline Water And Its Benefits

Alkaline water states the pH level of the water. The pH scale ranges from 0-14. Here, 0 states the acidic nature, 7 states neutral property, and 14 states most alkaline property of a substance. The normal water that we drink has a pH level of around 7 and is considered neutral. Hence, the water ionizer plays the role of transforming the neutral water into more alkaline water and raises the pH level of water up to 8 or 9. This way the water neutralizes the acid present in the human body. 

On the other hand, alkaline water has several health benefits. At first, the alkaline water hydrates your body well which in turn maintains the health of your skin. Next, it also helps in reducing acid reflux, controls and reduces weight, cleansing of large bowels, and more.

Benefits Of Water Ionizer

  • Enhanced and better Hydration: Water Ionizer prepares your normal water with better hydration properties. Hence, due to the water ionization process, the assortment of molecules is present in the water and breaks it into smaller factions. Next, the human cells absorb these clusters easily as they can enter quickly through the membrane. Hence, this supports better and fast hydration and drives out the waste from the body
  • Improvement in Digestion: The water ionizer improves digestion to a greater extent and also benefits the bowels. Moreover, the colon is a vital part of the digestive system and therefore needs to be kept enough alkaline. This prevents colon cancer and also helps in better functioning of the colon
  • Prevents Cancer: Water Ionizer plays a crucial role in preventing the risks of cancer. The oxygen radicals in the body are much responsible for cancer. Hence, these radicals are uncertain molecules that damage the body cells and can lead to cancer formation in the body. Therefore, the water ionizer produces antioxidants in the form of hydroxide ions (OH-). Thus, these ions work with various antioxidants and also combines with oxygen radicals for the formation of molecules of oxygen and are utilized by the body
  • Better Functioning of Brain: Molecular hydrogen is natural and lipid-soluble of antioxidant that penetrates deep inside the structure of the central nervous system. Therefore, the ionized water helps in cleaning the brain and offers strength for better functioning.

Features of Water Ionizer

  • Plates: The water ionizer comprises 3 types of plates: solid & flat, slotted, and mesh. The solid and flare plates are way easier to clean and last for a long. On the contrary, the slotted plates and mesh plates are lightweight and also cost more. Therefore, the filtration system works best with solid plates. Moreover, the water ionizer works best with more plates in it
  • Filter: In a water ionizer, the single filter or double finger system works for purifying water and is a very important feature to consider. Furthermore, the double filtration system is considered better than a single filter. Above all the single filtration system is suitable for less contaminated water. While double filtration system is suitable if water quality is very poor

Although alkaline water is considered safe for consumption, it may have negative side effects too. One of the side effects is that while it may be alkalizing your body, there is a chance that excessive consumption may ruin the natural acids of your stomach killing the good bacteria. Furthermore, excessive alkalinity in your body may cause problem in the gastrointestinal tract and skin.

PH or ORP Range:

The pH range should run from 4-11 and 8000RP of negative value in a water ionizer. The pH scale ranges from 0-14 and 7 is considered neutral. Hence, water with a pH level of about 7 is considered suitable for drinking. Experts suggest that the alkaline ionized water with 8.5 pH can be consumed and slowly can be increased up to 9.5. The lower pH value of the tap tends to purge the minerals from the pipe. Hence it is very important to consider the pH value of the drinking water