What Tasks Can You Perform on the Internet?

Thirty years ago, the ease at which we gather and share data today would have seemed like science fiction. Today we don’t even think twice as we instantly share pictures and videos with family, friends, and random strangers, enjoy access to thousands of TV shows and movies at the flick of a finger, play no deposit codes Fair Go games any place, and at any time, determine the distance from one place to the next in a matter of seconds and much, much more.

There are endless tasks and activities that you can do online that you probably never even considered. There are many services that you can access through the internet, recreational activities that you can experience, information that you can obtain, and much more.

What are some unusual things that you can explore on the Internet?


DNA tests are very popular but they only give you a rough outline of your family’s history – your ethnicity, some family connections, etc. The rest is up to you. You can research your genealogy by accessing the hundreds of thousands of records and archived material that has been digitalized and put up online. Census records, immigration records, birth, marriage and death records, ship manifests, and much more are accessible to anyone who takes the time to look.

You can start with a Google search of your family name and city or country of origin (if known) and from there start looking up names on public records. Many of these records are archived on the familysearch.org site which includes many family trees that have been built by other genealogists.

You can also search for sites that specialize in the genealogy of your specific ethnic group – Irish genealogy, African genealogy, Asian genealogy, Native American genealogy, British genealogy, etc.

Don’t neglect the non-digital methods of genealogy research. Look through family Bibles or other family records to see what you can find. Talk to family elders….parents, aunts and uncles, etc, and record their memories.

Share your research with other family members…..you never know what work they’re already done. You might also want to involve contacts that you find through DNA research. The more you learn, the more you’ll want to keep digging!

Tour the World’s Museums

Your physical location doesn’t have to limit your exposure to culture. These days many museums, including the top museums in the world, offer online tours that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home using the internet.  The museum tours open your eyes to great collections of art, archaeology, and other museum exhibits that you might otherwise never see.

Some of the museums that feature virtual tours include the Guggenheim Museum of modern art in New York, the British Museum with Egyptian mummies and other artifacts of historical interest, the best-known American art exhibits at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., France’s Musée d’Orsay in Paris where the art of Monet, Gaugin, and Cézanne are displayed, Berlin’s Pergamon Museum of archaeology, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam that houses works of Dutch masters of the Dutch Golden Age, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and many more.

The museum tours feature descriptions and explanations which you can replay over and over to be sure that you fully understand all of the details of each of the exhibitions.

Get Ordained

Regardless of your spiritual path (if any) you can get yourself ordained online so that you can legally officiate at a marriage. Some of the ordination sites are run by recognized churches while others are administered by commercial interests that have no connection to any religious group whatsoever.  The ordinations don’t have an expiration date so you may want to “get ordained” just in case you might need it for the future.

To get ordained online, go to an ordination website – some of the ministries that run such sites are “Open Ministry” or “Universal Life Church.” Fill out the form, pay the ordination fee (if required) and wait to receive your official documents that confirm that you are an ordained minister of that church. Those documents should then be registered with your county clerk.

Not all counties/states accept online ordinations as legal for performing wedding ceremonies so be sure that you check before you start asking for “I dos.”

Find Deals

You don’t have to wait for the newspaper to be delivered in order to find coupons that will allow you to save money on your purchases. Sites like BeFrugel, RetailMeNot, Swagbucks, Woot, and other sites feature a wide range of coupons that will save you money on everything from hotels and spa treatments to amusement parks, restaurants, household goods, food, and more.

Even finding a garage sale near you has become easier thanks to 21st-century tech. Sites like Yard Sale Treasure Map, Garage Sale Tracker, and Garage Sales by Map make it easy for you to see exactly where the garage sales are in your neighborhood so that you don’t have to spend your day driving around town. Garage sale listings feature the sale’s dates and times, address, and photos of sale items so you don’t end up wasting your time.

Pet Care

Even pet care can be managed online using internet. You can get a dog collar equipped with a thermistor if you need to monitor your dog’s temperature. The collar comes with a coded chip and a SIM card that sends the owner an SMS message if the temperature gets too high.

Owners who travel and leave their cat alone for a few days can get an Internet-enabled cat feeder that dispenses food into the cat’s dish upon the owner’s request.

Other pet devices include treat-dispensing boxes, remote control canine collars for tracking a pup, pet-training collars, laser cat toys, and even a facial recognition cat feeder.