If you’re a beginner and the idea of becoming a comedian has just crossed your mind and you don’t know where to begin from, then we’ve got you covered. Here are some ways to make your career in comedy:

1)    Participate in extracurriculars – If you’re still in school or college and if you have a comedy club in your school, just go for it. It would give you much-needed exposure and would reduce your stage fear. School and College are the places where we know most of the audience as they’re our friends, batchmates, seniors or juniors. Performing in front of them in various events of your institute would boost your confidence and would give you an actual audience to perform for.

2)    Join comedy acting classes – Comedy classes prepare you and teach you the unknown and hidden facts about the industry. It is a great way to learn and collaborate with like-minded people. They polish your skills and turn you into a professional comedian.

3)    Brainstorm and jot down your content – Don’t wait to prepare content only for a specific performance. Whenever you’re willing to write something or have some great ideas in your mind, write them down. This would keep you prepared for any kind of opportunity to perform in the future. In case you ever face mind blanking, you would still have a lot of content with you prepared.

4)    Practice is the key – Keep on practising the content you have with yourself. Don’t hesitate to give a short performance at family functions and gatherings. Consider your friends and close relatives as your audience and ask them to judge you. Mould yourself and your content accordingly. All this will boost up your confidence and your skills will get better over time.

5)    Be authentic – Never copy your content from any other comedian as you would lose all your originality. In this digital era, copyright issues would restrict or remove your content and you will have to suffer a lot. It would waste all the time you spent in copying and moulding the content. Hence, be authentic and original with your content as you can never feel as comfortable and confident with anyone else’s content as you are with yours. Even if you copy a part of someone’s matter, don’t forget to mention the source or credit them for what you’ve copied.

6)    Be a social media icon – Almost every person in the age group of 10 years to 60 years is on social media and who doesn’t like to laugh their heart out. Use your social media accounts to share video content. Make short and long content both to attract a large number of audiences. This would introduce you to new audience and would help you in gaining popularity.

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