How To Publish Quality Digital Marketing Content?

Digital marketing content is the key to creating successful marketing campaigns. Content drives innovative strategies for online business, shapes brand identity and delivers excellent user experience. It is important for marketers to create relevant content that appeals to both search engines and users. For this, you can even contact the digital marketing agency from Denver.

What Makes Digital Marketing Content Stand Out?

Content must relate to real people’s interest, be clear about why it matters, be useful, helpful and presented in the right tone of voice. There are lots of different types of digital marketing content, but these 10 elements should be included in all your articles:

– Quality – Is the information correct? Does the site have spelling & grammar mistakes? Does it look professional? Is it well structured? Is there good use of imagery / video where appropriate?

– Value – Is the content original, interesting and helpful? Does it deliver on its promise?

– Context – Is the piece of content placed in a suitable context?

– Clarity – Is the piece of content easy to understand and digestible? Does it cover the topic fully? Are complex terms explained well?

– Suitability – Is the content relevant to your target audience? Is the tone right for your brand / product? (Your business can be formal or informal, but make sure you stay true to your core values.)

– Relevance – Will this article help with anything else my customer is trying to do on my website? Does it relate enough to wider needs and questions that visitors may have about my products / services?

– Social – Is the content easy to share, link to and comment on? Does it encourage conversation and social sharing? (This is particularly important for brands wanting to build a community around their business.)

– Originality – Is this article unique? Have I copied it or can you find similar articles by other authors across the Internet? Am I providing value that’s not currently available elsewhere?

– Timely – Is this content relevant right now? Have your facts been checked recently?

– Distinctiveness – Does my content stand out from the rest of my website / blog? Will it work as well on mobile phones as on desktop screens. Do any images appear blurry or pixelated on large?

– Currency – Is any of the information out of date, incomplete or inaccurate? Is it still relevant?

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How To Create High Quality Digital Marketing Content?

There are lots of great resources available on line to help brands tailor their message and produce more effective content. Here’s three good starting points:

– SEOCalling includes 5 pointers for creating your first piece of digital marketing content, including how important it is to be honest and authentic if you want readers trust you. The post will also give an insight into SEOCalling’s writing process.

– SEO Expert is packed with tips on how to create winning content for both search engines and users. It outlines the steps you need to take before writing any digital marketing content, including setting up Google Analytics, keyword research and segmenting your audience.

What is Digital Marketing Content?

Digital marketing content is all types of material that can be used online, including written text, images, audio and video. This type of marketing reaches out to customers across different devices (i.e., internet browsers, tablets, mobile). People use websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest every day to share digital marketing content with their friends and followers. This type of ‘social sharing‘ helped companies reach more people than ever before.

Here are some examples of digital marketing content:

– Blogs – The aim of business blogging is to create original, relevant and helpful articles designed to attract new customers and engage with existing ones. This example is from Grammarly, which provides confidence in writing by helping improve their blog posts. They include strong calls to action, like ‘ try it for free ‘, which encourage readers to click through and give the company their email address.

– Videos – YouTube videos come in all shapes and sizes, but most businesses use them online because they’re easy for anyone (not just specialist writers) to create. The video featured above about debt management comes courtesy of Pay Plan. They do a great job of explaining what debt management is and how it can help, giving customers a better understanding of their product and encouraging them to download the company’s free guide.

– Social Media Content – Digital marketing content that appears on social media gets shared 24/7. Examples include Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram pictures and Pinterest pins. Brands often use photos as their main form of digital marketing content as these are more likely to be ‘liked’ or shared than plain text updates.

– Online advertisements – You may have noticed some businesses using online adverts to promote their latest products or services. This example is from Lending Club, which encourages people to click through and find out more about its loan offers.

– Newsletters – Newsletters offer an efficient way for brands to regularly communicate with clients and potential customers. They can be sent out in various formats (i.e., printed, emailed), but they’re most effective when images and text combine to provide a clear message. This sample is from Toyota, which uses eye-catching graphics across the top of its newsletter to instantly grab the viewer’s attention.