What is Close Friend on Instagram- How to Use it

Instagram never stops innovating and offering different (and even unusual) features to its users. Among them is Close Friends or, in good Portuguese, “close friends”, a very interesting and unique tool!

What is Close Friend on Instagram- How to Use it 1

When Stories became popular, many people took the opportunity to show their life up close. However, some people took a step back, after all, any user of the platform could know what they were doing at all times.

In this case, the use of Close Friends has become an excellent solution, ensuring greater privacy and security for those who want to share their routine through their smartphone screen, but not so much!

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Curious to learn more about the subject? So, stay with us to the end of this article and find out all about this amazing feature. Come on?

What is Close Friends on Instagram?

Close Friends is an Instagram feature that allows the user to create a special list of followers, who are given exclusive permissions to view certain posted content.

Such feature is released for both personal and commercial profiles, being extremely useful in both cases.

What’s more, you don’t have to be a tech expert to understand how Close Friends works.

The idea is simple: the user himself is responsible for adding or deleting people from his list, just like what happens with them.Instagram Likes is another metric whose importance cannot be neglected, particularly in terms of engagement. To achieve good engagement rate, you can also buy Instagram Likes from any reputed seller.

Whenever something more intimate or personal is posted and you don’t want other people to have access, just select the view to be available only to that circle of friends.

Many users use this feature to escape the prying eyes of family members or co-workers, for example, without losing the freedom to share something on the platform or having to block certain followers.

Advantages of functionality

Among the many advantages of using this service are:

Privacy preserved

Many things weren’t meant to be shared with the world, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop sharing them with those who really matter.

Close Friends allows for a more intimate interaction, with reduced access. Some people, when becoming influencers, are afraid to post certain content on the networks.

Many even create a second private profile, just for their close friends and family.

With the use of best friends lists it is possible to keep both in one place. Facebook also offers such interesting features, and you also have an option of buying Facebook Likes to boost up your visibility.

Professional Contact

If you’re offering a professional or consulting service, you can use the resource to inform your prospects about it, talk about promotions, and generate engagement among your followers.

Allows content monetization

Influencers and companies can use the tool to create exclusive content and monetize it, by paying monthly/weekly amounts by their fans and followers.

How to use Close Friends?

Instagram’s Close Friends is a great tool to communicate with a small group of followers, instead of posting to all users of the platform.

But what can you do with this feature? How can it be applied to improve my engagement or placement?

First, you can use this function commercially. Do you own a company and work, even if occasionally, with influencers?

Then add each one to the list and share relevant content and information.

Also take the opportunity to offer discounts and announce promotions for current customers, as a way to retain them.

Customers who are on your radar, on the other hand, can join this list to receive an “incentive”, converting sales.

Do you want to invite your closest friends to a party or event?

So, don’t waste time and create a list just with them, streamlining this task and optimizing the process.

Want more? So, here are some extra tips on how to use the tool:

  • Show behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your company or your life;
  • Take exclusive polls;
  • Bring together people who are part of your target audience to better understand their preferences;
  • Get help making choices, such as product launches, going out looks or the new color of your room, for example.

How do I use the functionality to increase my engagement?

When it comes to marketing, post enhancements can make all the difference to your brand or public image.

The same goes for the Close Friends functionality, which allows businesses of all sizes to connect directly with their customers and buyers.

According to the Harvard Business Review, customers who develop a bond with companies become very valuable in the long run, in addition to being less sensitive to product price or product increase.

These data also indicate that such customers, due to proximity, are willing to pay more for items and services, around 31 to 50%.

Users can also understand what is on the minds of their followers through information collected with the help of Close Friends, such as:

Reach: Are profiles added to your list of close friends really interested in your content? To understand how important or influential your brand or image is, start by analyzing how your customers and fans see you;

Sales: Use Google Analytics to find out how many of your posts to a select group of people have effectively converted to sales;

Engagement: calculate your engagement rates to find out how your brand or image is viewed by other users, as well as understand their buying and loyalty trends.

Keep an eye on the dropout rate: if your friends abandon your Stories on the first or second image (of a sequel) maybe it’s time to analyze your content and behavior on the platform.

Traffic: Find out who uses the “swipe up” of your post to go to your partner’s site. Thus, you will be able to offer partnerships to other brands, demonstrating, based on numbers, how you are able to influence your followers.