How To Organize & Track Real Estate Sales Leads?

Real Estate Sales Leads

According to an annual survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 90% of the real estate buyers were involved in a repeat purchase with the same realtor or recommended their broker to others. The real estate business is highly customer-centric and relationships are all that matters in this business.

Most of the realtors consider that generating leads is the most tedious part of the Real Estate Business but guess what, there’s a much more difficult task that begins after pitching a lead. The organizing and managing of leads having different interests and peculiarities is a task that is even more challenging; and here comes the significance of a powerful sales lead tracking software and system.

The herculean effort in pitching tons of leads can eventually go in vain if there is no proper sales lead tracking system in place. Without a proper lead management software, the real estate sales process would be time-consuming, repetitive and lacking coordination. On the other hand, if the sales process is efficient and effective at the same time, the clients would appreciate the Realtor’s operations and bring him more business.

Effective control over the sales pipeline has been a reason for success for innumerable real estate businesses. Pipelines are an invaluable tool for tracking progress, taking full control over numerous transactions and taking timely decisions in case of any discrepancy to reduce the scale of loss. The optimal use of scarce resources of any business is facilitated by the sales pipeline and real estate business is no exception.

There are various lead management software and tools available in the marketplace. These tools help the businesses in the following-

1.    Lead Capture Automation

With the growth of technology, it is now possible to capture leads automatically without personally reaching out to them. There exist infinite sources of lead generation and it is not possible without automation to reach out to every potential lead. Also, it ensures that no leakage takes place and all the leads are accurately fed into the system. Furthermore, it also helps a business to assess the most profitable and the least profitable lead capturing sources and accordingly budgets can be allocated wisely.

2.    Lead Tracking

Once a lead is captured, the Lead Tracking tool comes into the picture. The Lead Tracking tool assists in tracing the activities of the lead- the pages they are visiting, the videos they are engaging with, the time they are spending on a particular blog, etc. This provides necessary insights into the behavior and interests of a lead.

3.    Lead Distribution

The next phase of the lead management process is the lead distribution which refers to the transferring of the lead to sales personnel who can reach out to the selected leads. A competent lead distribution system can analyze potential clients within the shortest time and contact them the earliest, which provides a competitive edge to the business.

4.    Lead Qualification

This is the stage where a lead is assessed whether he has the capacity to be converted into a potential client. It also provides a score to each lead in accordance with various pre-determined factors and hence, the high scoring clients can be segregated and greater efforts can be directed towards converting them.

5.    Lead Nurturing

With the advantage of a Lead Nurturing tool, the concept of a ‘dead-lead’ does not exist anymore. Even if some leads are not converted or are not interested at the moment, they can be engaged with, by continuously sending e-mails about the product/service in which they might be interested in.

The realtors often use such dynamic and powerful tools to organize and track sales leads. The increased competition and profit margins in the real estate sector are problems that require a modern solution, and for which the lead management tools are proving to be a game-changer for the realtors.

One such advanced and dynamic software specially designed and conceptualized for the real estate industry by experienced industry experts is Sell.Do. The Sell.Do software is a revolution in the real estate industry that offers a complete solution for the realtors in effectively managing their operations and achieving the end goal of boosting sales.

The Sell.Do real estate CRM is also loaded with the lead management utility and offers the following features-

1.    Lead Capture Forms

This utility helps in capturing leads from diversified sources and also assists in automatically gathering the cumulative information in one place. Also, the flexibility of the utility allows integrating the forms into all kinds of digital assets.

2.    Capture Leads from Digital Campaigns

Real estate buyers and investors always seek a prompt reply to stay engaged. Be it live chat, social media, landing page or a search campaign, Sell.Do instantaneously captures and organizes all the leads properly to ensure timely communication.

3.    Lead Uniqueness

Redundancy in data causes a lot of time and effort to be wasted. Sell.Do is powered with a strong check on uniqueness through the process of OTP verification over both phone and email-id.

4.    360-Degree Lead View

Sell.Do provides you with all the lead details in one place- including the past conversations, touchpoints, scheduled meetings, reminders and lot more. This feature proves to be a great advantage for the realtors in relieving them from maintaining tons of documents and files.

5.    Lead Scoring

Based on the concept of optimum utilization of resources, lead scoring helps realtors to focus majorly on those leads having high scores which mean a high chance of a conversion.

6.    Smart Views and Filters

Maintaining a huge database can be cumbersome, but with the power of Sell.Do backed by the Smart View and Filters utility, searching any relevant data is just a matter of a click.

For a realtor, challenges are unending and Sell.Do came into existence to provide an innovative solution for all your challenges. Amongst the challenges, organizing sales leads and tracking sales leads has been a nightmare for Realtors and a prime reason for low lead conversion. But, users of Sell.Do have benefited and gained an edge in the competition by exploiting the lead management features. The Sell.Do is a complete and holistic solution for not just lead management but for the overall operations of the real estate industry. With Sell.Do, we welcome you to experience the future of real estate industry and be a part of the revolution in the real estate business.