How Do You Get Rid of Unwanted Pallets?

Some companies face a major issue of getting rid of undesirable empty pallets, as their back rooms, trash cans, and storage rooms fill up with empty or broken platforms. Pallets rack up for a variety of reasons, including tiny numbers, low quality, unique sizes, and local market mechanisms. Hiring junk removal Vacaville services is one option, but there’s a lot of things you can do to take care of this issue.

In this article, we have discussed a few of them. Take a look:

Invest in a Longer-Lasting Pallet:

Consider moving to a more durable pallet that will last longer and demand less repair or replacement if the broken or discarded pallets are from internal operations. When you invest in a higher-quality pallet, whether it’s a heavy-duty wood pallet or an extremely durable substitute material pallet, the cost per usage typically drops considerably.

Getting in Touch with the Shipper:

Contact the shipper to pick up the empty pallets, either directly or through a third-party recovery service, or employ a pallet rental company such as CHEP or PECO. Pallet recovery, which is offered by a variety of pallet firms, can be a win-win situation for both the product shipper and the receiver, as the receiver clears the pallets off the delivery point and the shipper saves money per trip by reusing them.

Ask the shipper to use standard-sized pallets, such as GMA style 48×40″ units, which will be more desirable to certain other pallet buyers for pick-up.


Pallet recyclers gather old wood pallets, fix them, and sell them to other enterprises for reuse. Pallets that are too damaged to be repaired can be mulched. Recyclers frequently pay a low price per pallet for in-demand sizes.

Start making arrangements for the pallets to be picked up by a local pallet recycler. The recycler may pay you to get some desirable pallets, depending on their size and condition, or may charge you a fee if they are not a common size or of sufficient quality. Pallet recyclers will usually collaborate with you to give a standard removal service once you develop a trend of collection.

Use Pallet Substitutes:

Ask that the shipper use flexible paper pallets, which may be recycled with other cardboard. IKEA has implemented this strategy to address their empty pallet logistic difficulties. They currently send over 10 million cardboard pallets per year, as per sources.

If the shipper wants to stay with the corrugated paper concept, he or she could use slip sheets. No fresh pallets will enter your building if you use slip sheets. Rather, receiver repositions unit loads onto your internal pallets using push-pull or clamping attachments. Certain product categories, such as tissue and morning cereal, benefit from this technique because maximal cube space is sought.

Sell to Artisans:

If the pallets are quite clean and unweathered, advertise them on Craigslist or through other means to hobbyists. For craft projects, wood pallets are particularly popular. However, keep in mind the risks associated with members of the public approaching your place, as well as the labor and control required to assure public safety on your property. It may be more cost-effective to hire a pallet or wood recycler to remove the pallets rather than deal with enthusiasts on your property.

Utilize the ‘Flow Through’ Approach:

Consider pallet ‘flow-through as a possibility. If you require pallets for core workings as well as shipping, ask the shipper to use higher-quality pallets that can be used in-house and for shipment, after they’ve been emptied. Generally, this entails the recipient splitting the pallet cost with the shipper, who would otherwise be paying the full price for a less expensive pallet. Flow-through is a great approach for gradually accumulating a pool of higher-quality pallets while involving the shipper in the process.

Dump of them in a landfill:

The majority of people looking for answers to how to dispose of pallets are actively researching alternatives to the traditional approach of taking their used pallets to a landfill. They like to minimize the waste, inconvenience, and disposal fees that are frequent in high-volume areas. However, for pallets that are seriously damaged, can’t be recycled (such as those with mould or insect issues), or are in non-standard sizes, this is sometimes the only alternative.

Leave Out Front as Free:

Placing old pallets or unused wood crate material around the outside of your fence, along with a sign that says “free pallets and firewood,” is an old but not recommended method. Apart from being a nuisance, it may also offer other dangers, such as increasing the chance of arson.

If none of these ways seem promising to you, there can’t be a better choice than hiring 3 Kings Hauling, areputable junk removal company that guarantees the best results.