New World Game Guide: The Basic Information About New World Weapon Tier List

There are a variety of weapons for players to use in New World. Due to the weapon’ s performance, they can be divided into a weapon tier list. When players are using weapons, the progression system are associated with the mastery of weapons. Players can improve the efficiency of weapons as they are stick to using the same weapon. So, it is also important for players to choose the suitable weapon in the beginning of the world. There is an obvious distinction between S-tier weapons and B-Tier weapons in New World. S-Tier Weapon will help you a lot when you are trapped in the battles against enemies. Moreover, if players find the suitable weapons or gear in the game, they can buy New World Gold to purchase them in order to make the character survive longer in New World.

Weapons can be divided into two categories of proficiency for PvP and PvE mode in New World. Players will meet different enemies according to the mode they choose. They will battle with NPC enemies in PvE, or they will fight against other player characters in PvP. While players will choose different factions to join in, the weapons they choose will keep the same. Players with S-Tier or A-Tier Weapon are the powerful character in New World.

Because of the real-time combat system of New World, the choice of weapons will lead to the different results in the battleground. Players will choose the weapons according to their preference. Some players may use the B-Tier weapons to win the battles instead of S-Tier Weapons. Sometimes, player preference may influence the choice of weapons in New World, there are some weapons that are recognized as the best armaments in the game. Players can figure out the weapon attribute according to the control and damage output. Some best weapons with high damage may have low flexibility, other best weapons with low damage may have high flexibility.

The Best Weapon Tier List in New World

PvE Best Weapon Tier List

  • Tier Weapon: Life Staff, Hatchet,Great Axe, and Void Gauntlet.
  • Tier Weapon: Ice Gauntlet, Fire Staff, Warhammer, Sword and Shield.
  • Tier Weapon: Rapier, Spear, Bow, and Musket.

S-Tier Weapons are contained by weapons that can support players and make high damage against enemies. The Void Gauntlet makes players switch between a DPS and a healer in the battles, it has been recognized as one of the most versatile weapons on the weapon list. The Great Axe offers high AoE damage and lifestea perks for players. The Hatchet provides a rapid damage output and perks that offers buffs to healing, damage and speed. However, the life Staff has low damage output, players can use it to heal your teammates in the group during questing in New World.

PvP Best Weapon Tier List

S-Tier Weapon: Sword and Shield, Life Staff, Void Gauntlet, and Bow.

A-Tier Weapon: Hatchet, Great Axe, Ice Gauntlet, and Rapier.

C-Tier Weapon: Fire Staff, Spear, Warhammer, and Musket.

There are different kinds of characters in the PvP mode, these weapons are suitable for the characters, such as tanks, healers, and range DPS characters. The tanks always equip with the Sword and Shield, which are the best weapons for this weapon. The life Staff is also an essential weapon for healer in the group. The Bow is a range weapon which provide range damage for enemies.

Players can select the best weapons for their characters according to the weapon tier list, and different kinds of weapons will make different levels of damage in the battles in New World. Players can Buy New World Coins to purchase the suitable weapons for the character, which will make them master this weapon quickly in the game. You can find cheap prices about New World Coins on

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