Help your ice team succeed by doing what you can.

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An upgrade to Origins’ Ice Staff:

A piece of Origins’ Ice Staff is made from ice. There are a few things that need to be done before this can work. Because of the invention of the Ull’s Arrow, it is now possible to eliminate entire zombie armies with relative ease. Frost and ice temporarily immobilise zombies because they are no longer alive. The ice crew code will benefit from this.

To test your recall, play this matching game.

In order to complete this phase, the Ice Staff and all four staves must be created. Before they came to live with us, the crystals had a home in the Crazy Room, where you can enter for a chance to win a prize. In the Crazy Room, look for blue lights reflected in the ice. The pillar is held up by floating tiles.

I’m looking for the Ice Staff’s code.

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Your final resting place will be marked by three tombstones. Although they may not be in immediate danger, rifles have the potential to harm or even put someone to sleep. You cannot tell which tombstones belong to which players after you leave the gaming area. They’re easy to find.

The Exact Locations of Tombstones:

The gravestones are unmistakably grey. Even if I make improvements to the Ice Staff, the end result will be the same as it was before.

The Tombstone Memorials have four generator stations. There are two tombstones on the property. These two items are just a short distance away in a dirt pit. Get up here, or you’ll be out of luck.

Tombstones in the Second Row:

A second marker has been placed in the same location as the first. Make sure your feet are firmly planted. You can get a sense of the area’s surroundings before you arrive here. As a result, you are free to attend church as usual. A three-mile distance between the excavation site and people’s homes is ideal (4.8 kilometres).

There must be a new gravestone somewhere, as this is the third marker on the trail. To reach the tank station, walk a few hundred feet. Each of these structures serves a distinct purpose. On this one, there’s plenty of room for everyone.

In order to improve your ice hockey team, do you have any ideas?

Black Ops II Zombies has a variety of weaponry that can both freeze and vaporise their targets. There’s nothing new under the sun. Compared to the Ice Staff, it is both longer and more powerful. Your ice staff will grow in size as you complete tasks in the Crazy Place and the Excavation Site.

Construction of an element mine portal is required to reach the bizarre location.

First, a mystery must be solved by the Ice Squad. The Crazy Place’s entrance is lit by a blue laser beam.

It is possible to examine the ice panels that float above the portal:

Engraved stone slabs depicting various architectural styles line the path to the front door. It is possible to burn each panel of the ceiling using an ice staff and stone slabs that extend to the design’s ceiling height.

An Ice Staff User’s Guide: What to Expect

If you don’t get the correct panel the first time, it will keep going backwards. If you get stuck or need assistance while playing with a friend in multiplayer mode, you can always ask them for help.

Always be on the lookout for zombies as they can stop you dead in your tracks at any given moment.

Zombies in a Madhouse can be shot with a gun.

Souls can be absorbed by the ice staff. The staff will be grateful if you can take out about 20 zombies. As soon as the ice-workers’ electricity is restored, Samantha will notify you via email.