Elite Car Shipping Company Can Help You Move Car Across Country at Great Rates!

Business travelers on the move are often forced to leave their cars behind when they fly to another state. It’s a minor inconvenience to take the train or a taxi when you’re on a short business trip or a vacation, but it’s a different story if you’ll be out of state for several weeks! Our team of transportation experts at Elite Car Shipping Company caters to business travelers, and we can send a car mover to pick up your car and ship it to any address in the United States. We offer custom vehicle transportation solutions for all of our customers, and we offer a low price guarantee. We’ll make the top vehicle shipping companies in the USA compete to earn your business, and you can move car with no money down.

We are an Elite Auto Shipping Company located in Pompano Beach, Florida.


When you’re ready to save 10% or more off the shipping costs to move a car, you can call Elite Car Shipping Company at 1-888-885-5354. We put the customer first, and we always offer trusted vehicle shipping at great rates.

What kind of truck will you use to move my car to another state?

Most of our customers ship their cars on an open trailer car hauler. Up to nine cars move together on the carrier at once, and their owners save money by sharing all of the shipping costs. If you want to keep your vintage or luxury vehicle safe, we can also transport your car in an enclosed trailer that will shield your vehicle from the weather while it’s in transit.

How can I safely move car across country?

Open carrier transportation is the most popular way to move a car, and it’s also your cheapest option. We offer door-to-door service, and your driver will safely load and secure your vehicle onto the carrier for the trip. You can also schedule transportation for your luxury car on an enclosed car mover. Enclosed auto shipping will cost you an additional 30-40%, and it’s a great way to transport your auction purchases and rare vehicles.

What are the shipping costs to move my car across the US?

You should budget around $1,000-$1,500 for auto moving services in an open trailer car hauler. Thousands of cars move across North America daily on car haulers, and we can help you save even more if you give us enough time to locate a driver making deliveries along your route.

We Offer Reliable Auto Moving Services at Fantastic Rates!

Whether you’re planning a family vacation or you’re taking a business trip, Elite Car Shipping Company is one of the best car shipping companies in the US and we make it easy to move car to your destination. We offer exceptional service at excellent rates, and you can get a free estimate for vehicle transportation 24 hours a day.