5 Work from Home Trends to Expect in 2022

Working from home has become a popular choice for certain employees as more organizations adopt the hybrid model and new work from home trends develop.

A distinct office is becoming more important to employees, particularly those who live in a house with roommates or other family members. When individuals consider moving to or renting a new apartment, an extra bedroom or nook is becoming a must-have amenity.

While some workers have returned to work, others work for organizations that allow for a hybrid schedule and just need them to come into the office two to three days each week. Creating an office environment is crucial, especially for employees who work in groups or spend many hours a day on phone calls or video meetings. For some people who want a discrete workspace, sitting at the dining table or in a corner of the living room is no longer a viable option.

Here are six work-from-home trends for 2022 that tenants are looking for.

Added bedroom nook

According to Downtown Apartment Company, renters will continue to seek effective remote offices. The company also anticipates that tenants would choose work from home floor ideas with additional rooms or pocket office nooks.

Working from home has become a permanent part of the landscape for Chicago renters, and they are modifying their living arrangements to meet it. While some workers have returned to the office, many continue to work from home part-time or full-time and want a more practical place for their home office. Many people have moved to a bigger living area with an additional room dedicated to a home office, while others have relocated to buildings that provide a more typical co-working environment.

Areas of storage

Many individuals who like to spend their time outside and want to properly hide their sports or exercise equipment, such as a bicycle, value having enough storage in an apartment or another section of the building. Storage space in common spaces is crucial these days. A consideration is secure storage in a nearby place. A community in a walkable urban neighborhood requires a lot of room for bike storage. Renters who work from home prefer to keep their bikes out of the rental houses and in a safe location.

More windows/adequate natural light

When you work from home all day, getting adequate natural light becomes a concern. Some people flourish and are more productive in work situations with a lot of sunshine. Having natural light or a large window to situate your workstation is essential for the workday. Renters like anything green or with trees outside. They enjoy being able to take a short stroll on calm streets for breaks or phone conversations.

The most common request received from tenants regarding working from home is the possibility to carve off a small piece of the flat as a workspace with plenty of natural light or LED lighting. Landlords have started staging model flats to include such rooms so prospective renters may imagine what working from home might look like.

Noise reduction

It is vital for persons who want less noise to finish projects to be able to limit the quantity of noise coming from within the apartment and from within the building. This is a need for WFH employees, especially if they live with a spouse, kids, or housemates.

“There has always been a great demand for solid, well-built houses for rent, but now that more of our residents work remotely, they appreciate that our developments are created to high acoustical standards,” says the developer “According to Kozloski. “The double-glazed glass in the Porte and Cascade façades acts as a noise-mitigation mechanism, ensuring that most exterior sounds are undetectable.” Others want a calm refuge from street noise or do not want to hear their neighbor going around their flats. “I think the ability to moderate noise is incredibly crucial, especially for couples,” said Michael Dehls, an IT worker residing in Rutherford, NJ.

Room for meetings or co-working

It is essential to be able to operate in a conference room in the apartment lobby or to have a quiet booth for accepting phone calls. Others require time apart from their housemates or family members.

“Building facilities such as co-working areas with conference rooms, private booths, or specialized Zoom rooms will be in great demand in the next year,” Rios said. “Renters also desire the opportunity to build such environments across the community, whether it’s individual ‘phone booth’ private locations for making calls and having virtual meetings, or co-working facilities for small groups to get tasks done,” DeVos added. “We make every effort to accommodate modest offices into roofs, especially in cities with spectacular views.”

The demand for co-working spaces is increasing

“Residents at their Logan Square building like having access to a full coworking suite with individual booths providing separation with a sense of openness, small offices offering a less distracting, more private space for phone calls and focused work, and a more traditional conference room with a large table and wall-mounted monitor for group meetings or space to spread out,” Schneider explained.

“Having this shared area allows residents to lease whichever floor plan best matches their budget and lifestyle since they know work-from-home space is covered,” he added. “The houses for rent in our buildings, such as Logan Apartments and Westerly, are constantly used, and some tenants even bring a whole computer set-up, complete with monitors and PCs, down to the co-working area on a daily basis.” In terms of COVID protocols, we adhere to whatever local government rules exist.

The trend of work from home will continue

As renters look for new rental houses, many work-from-home trends will continue in 2022. Some will maintain their dual work styles, while others will devote more time to the office.

Employees like a defined workspace, whether it’s an additional room or places dedicated to relaxation or exercise, such as a balcony, little green space, or a dog park. They prefer to spend time outside, away from screens.

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