The best Facebook video downloader online 2021

Wondering how to download Facebook videos? Then you have come to the right place, this article is the solution for you. Save it to watch whenever you need it. Today we will provide you with some useful Facebook video downloaders online to download Facebook videos simply on your computer, iOS, or Android operating system phones.

How to use Facebook video downloader to download videos?

One of the quite popular ways is to use free video download sites like SnapSave or Getfvid. In this article, I will give you a detailed way to use the Facebook video downloader SnapSave.App.

  • First, open Facebook and go to the video you need to download.
  • Then click on the 3-dot symbol in the right corner of the post screen or select the Share icon.
  • Among the options provided choose a copy link.
  • Open an Internet browser and visit the website.
  • Paste the previously copied link into the provided link paste box and select download right next to it.
  • Then you will get video quality options. You can choose options from 144p SD (360p) to HD (720p) or Full HD 1080p, 2K, 4K. With high-quality videos, you need to wait for to render for a while.
  • Finally choose to download the video and you can find it on your mobile device.

In addition to downloading using the above method, users can download it using the method below:

  • First, go to the video you need to download.
  • Then click the three-dot symbol to copy the link.
  • Open a new tab in the Internet browser you use, be it Chrome or Firefox.
  • Paste the copied link into that tab.
  • Click the link and switch www.facebook to mbasic.facebook.
  • Then select Enter to open a new link in this new tab.
  • Then you will get a video. Right-click and select Save video as to computer.

However, using this method will not let you download a video with the same high quality as using the Facebook video downloader.

How to download private Facebook videos online with Facebook video downloader

For private Facebook videos, it is generally not recommended to download. However, in case you do not use it for malicious purposes, you can completely download it. However, this job will be more difficult than usual. The Facebook video downloader that can solve this problem is

  • Go to Facebook on your computer and find the video to download and click on the posting time.
  • Press Ctrl+U for Windows or ⌘-Option-U for Mac to view the page source code.
  • Highlight all source code by pressing Ctrl + A for Windows or ⌘ + A for Mac, then right-click and select Copy.
  • Go to the Facebook video downloader and paste the copied source code into the input box.
  • Select the video quality you want to download
  • Finally, proceed to upload a Facebook video to your device.


The article has provided you with information on how to use Facebook video downloader to download both regular and private videos on Facebook. Have you successfully applied the method we provided in the article? If successful, please comment below to give us more motivation. Also, if you have any questions feel free to comment so we can help you out. Good luck.