Moving to Brainerd, MN: 3 Things You Should Know

Every city has a unique culture, lifestyle, and social habits which suit the personality of some but not others. Hence, before moving to any city, it is important to understand what to expect so you are not taken by surprise – or worst by shock while settling in. So, if you have decided to move to Brainerd, there are some Brainerd things to know which will be discussed in this piece. Stay with us.

#1: Traffic Situation

Traffic is a big problem in most of the metropolitan cities in the US and is one of the reasons why some people switch cities. Fortunately, the traffic in Brainerd is not that bad and the roads are usually uncrowded. You do not have to travel in advance to reach the destination in time. That said, Friday and Sunday afternoons can get crowded sometimes so it is better to start the travel a little early during the weekends.

The most booked areas during the weekends are 917 and 210 corridors. Both of these roads lead to Walmart and most residents visit the supermarket to get their groceries on the weekends. Hence, you should avoid these corridors if you are not going to Walmart.

#2: Cost of Living

The cost of living in Brainerd is below the national average and it is not very expensive. The city has one of the most affordable housing in the US. You can get a decent three-bedroom house at just under $300,000. However, the prices vary greatly depending on the lakes you chose to live by. The houses around a large lake are a little more expensive than those situated around a small lake. 

The tax rates can go as high as 7.8 in Brainerd but average salaries are also higher than the national average. Hence, the residents do not have much to worry about in that area.

#3: All Four Seasons

Brainerd gets all four seasons which means it gets quite cold in the winters. The weather remains chilly for at least two months, January and February. Generally, the temperatures in the other ten months remain pleasant and do not affect everyday life. Residents of Brainerd can watch the transition from Autumn to Spring which is the best part of living in the city.

Even during the peak winters, life does not come to halt. Residents enjoy ice fishing, skiing, and snowmobiling during the winters which keep things exciting. 

There are tons of recreational activities in other seasons as well. You can take the kids and the families to wildlife and adventure parks when the climate gets pleasant, which is most of the month.

Safari North Wildlife Park is home to giraffes, Camels, Lions, Antelope, and Zebras. Hop on a safari train and take the kids to meet these majestic animals.

Northland Kart Kountry is another place to have fun during the summer and it is the perfect place for families. You can enjoy go-karts with your kids and partners and win kart awards. Kids can also enjoy water wars and bungee jumping.