Before Accepting a Plea Bargain – Talk to A Criminal Lawyer First.

Once you have been arrested, a systematic flow of events usually happens. You will be told what your charges are and later arraigned in court. There, you will take a plea Bargain, stating whether you are guilty or not guilty. If you go with the latter, your case proceeds to trial.

Now, depending on the nature of the case, sometimes the prosecution will offer you a plea bargain. That is, you accept the charges, and in return, you get a reduced sentence or an alternative to spending time in jail.

Plea deals are quite common in criminal cases across the country and may be beneficial to you but it can also hurt you. Sadly, many people who have signed plea deals, without a criminal lawyer’s counsel and have ended up regretting later.

So, why is a lawyer from Spodek Law Group necessary during your plea bargain? 

Plea Bargains Are Hard to Overturn

Being found guilty by a court of law is not the same as a guilty plea. In the latter, you admit in writing that you committed the crime. So, if you decide to change your mind later, it is almost impossible to go back and fight for your case. 

The Decision Is Usually Binding

Consulting a lawyer in Hammond is must because it will help you understand the dynamics of your case, including any future chances of fighting the case. way, you will be aware of what you are giving up upfront and can decide what if the plea bargain is your best chance.  

The Prosecution May Be Biased Against You

In some instances, the prosecution offers a plea deal because they do not have strong evidence to prosecute you. Or they just want to hurry up and close the case instead of doing a thorough investigation which could help your defense prove your innocence. 

So, you might end up accepting jail time when you probably had a good chance of winning your case. A lawyer will assess your case, including the evidence leveled against you. And then, they will advise you on whether to accept, negotiate or turn down the bargain. 

Your Conviction May Carry Consequences Beyond Prison

When you are thinking about a plea bargain offered to you, you probably only consider the immediate impact. That is, how much jail time are you going to serve compared to what you would have done if found guilty during the trial?  

But rarely, if ever, do people who sign plea deals consider the consequences beyond prison time. In the US, pleading guilty to a felony carries consequences beyond incarceration. It can affect your right to vote, limit your job prospects, and even your immigration status.

As such, working closely with a criminal lawyer is important to be sure you are not unknowingly making a decision that could ruin your future. 

Been Offered a Plea Deal? Talk to Spodek Law Group Lawyers to Determine if It is the Best Decision for You 

If the prosecution has asked you to take a plea bargain, the first thing you should do is to get a criminal lawyer. Spodek Law Group has experienced criminal lawyers who will thoroughly review your case and the agreement to help you make an informed decision. Remember, a plea deal does not always mean that you do not have a chance or that the prosecution has your best interests so get someone who understands the ropes in your corner fighting for you.