Top 5 Android Spy Apps for Catching a Cheating Spouse

A trusted friend might tip you off about your spouse’s infidelity and cause you to fear for your relationship. But too often, they never have any solid proof. The Spylix spy app is the best option to catch even the most ingenious and elusive cheater if you want undeniable evidence.

Gut feelings, hunches, and suspicions are not very helpful when you need to confront a cheating spouse. Any cheater will simply deny everything and leave you feeling foolish, crazy, or both. It’s their immediate and well-rehearsed reaction.

Cheaters are tried and tested liars, after all, remember? What you need is solid proof. Concrete and indisputable proof.

If you want to discover the deepest secrets about your spouse, then Spylix is your best weapon.

Signs that Your Spouse is Cheating

We can always sense when our spouse’s affections have shifted elsewhere. Some signs show that she just slept with others, such as the sudden late-night calls, mysterious texts, unexplained out-of-town trips, or a bill from a romantic restaurant you have never stepped foot in.

You know your instincts are accurate when there is the tell-tale lipstick on their clothes or the disheartening whiff of another woman’s perfume. Not to mention the unexplained coldness and disinterest in spending time with you.

Thankfully, you now have a powerful tool to confirm your instincts. Spylix is one of the top 5 android spy apps that can catch a cheating spouse fast and efficiently.

The following will show you how to catch any cheater by peering deep inside their lives without them suspecting a thing.

Spylix, the Smartest Spy App No Cheating Spouse Can Escape

No android app can match or even come close to the mastery of Spylix. Designed to work discreetly, so you remain undetected, Spylix offers the best value and ensures you get undeniable proof of your spouse’s illicit affairs.

With Spylix, you never have to worry that your spouse will continue cheating undetected. If there is any evidence of cheating to be found, then Spylix is the app to sniff out any dubious act.


Why Is Spylix the Best Android Spy App?

Spylix has a ton of features when compared to other android spy apps. If you want to catch even the smartest cheater, then you need an app that can scrutinize every text, email, and social media chat, down to every naughty emoji.

Spylix does all that plus much more, including:

·         A Dashboard Full of Evidence: A detailed dashboard with all your spouse’s emails, social media chats, text messages, call details, and contact information at a glance.

·         Pin-point Spouse Location: A geofencing feature allows you to track the precise location of your spouse to track or confirm any suspicious business trip…

·         Detailed Browsing History: Find out if your spouse is searching for dates online, booking hotels, buying gifts, or has secret fantasies they are hiding from you.

·         Keylogger: Capture every password to your spouse’s social media accounts, emails, or dating apps and login in to see their hanky-panky activity.

Using Spylix in just 3 simple Steps

Follow the following steps to deploy Spylix, and watch as your cheating spouse is exposed in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Step 1: Open a Spylix account by signing up for free

Step 2: Choose whether the target phone is an android or iOS device

Step 3: Open the dashboard and get every detail of your spouse’s life.

Spylix works remotely, so you can monitor your spouse’s activities even when they are out of town. Furthermore, your spouse will never suspect that they are being tracked because Spylix is hidden and not visible on their device.

For your safety, confidentiality, and privacy, all your data and that of your spouse will remain private when you use Spylix.


Other Android Spy Apps You Can Use to Catch a Cheating Spouse

●      mSpy App

mSpy is another android app that you can use to track the activities of a cheating spouse. It has several valuable features that enable you to check your spouse’s emails, WhatsApp messages, call and text details, and social media chats.

mSpy also features a tracking option for tracing your spouse’s location, so you know exactly where they are. You can use the app on Android and IOS devices including smartphones and tablets.

How to Use mSpy

To download mSpy, go to the official website and follow these steps:

Step 1: Create an account by providing a valid email address

Step 2: Select the type of target device, i.e., Android or iOS

Step 3: Choose your subscription depending on your needs, with the Premium option preferable if you want to monitor social media accounts.

Step 4: Complete your payment to receive a confirmation link via email

Step 5: Click on the link to confirm, then login into the app to spy on your spouse.

Please remember that mSpy is not available on Playstore but only on the official website. You must also disable Google Play Protect via the app to enable you to install mSpy on your device.

●      pcTattletale

This is a famous android spy app that can spy on a cheating spouse. To use pcTattletale, you will need to get into your spouse’s phone to load a particular installer on their phone. This means you require their unlock code and must be careful not to get caught or raise any suspicion.

To install pcTattletale on newer phones, you will need the help of a computer, as the direct installation only works on older versions of Android. However, once installed, you can log into your pcTattletale account to spy on your spouse’s online activity.

The app records in video format every keystroke and activity your cheating spouse perform on their phone so that you can watch remotely. The days with recordings will be highlighted on the dashboard, while those without recordings will be gray.

Click on any day to watch videos of your spouse chatting, and receiving messages, as well as deleting secret texts and photos.

●     Highster Mobile

This android spy app can be used to read your spouse’s social media chats and text messages and reveal details of the calls they make or receive. Highster Mobile has the option of a lifetime subscription for a small price, unlike other apps which charge a monthly or yearly subscription.

You can also use the tracking option to monitor your spouse’s current and previous locations to uncover any suspicious activity. Highster offers a 30-day money-back guarantee should you not be satisfied with the quality of their service.

Although less popular, Highster Mobile can be useful and is worth a try. Download the Highster Mobile app to either your Android or IOS device, and install it remotely to prevent detection.

●     Spyine

Spyine is a well-known android spy app with many features that are standard in spying apps. It can be installed and used remotely on both android and IOS phones, with little risk of detection.

Spyine has a location tracker to keep tabs on your spouse’s movement, as well as a call log viewer with stats like frequently called contacts, and call duration. You also have the option to record live calls.

You can use Spyine by creating an account, paying a monthly or yearly subscription, and then using the dashboard to track your spouse’s communications.

Don’t Suffer in Anguish

If you are tossing and turning with angst every night, your heart filled with sorrow, and unable to confront your spouse, do not despair. Don’t allow your frustration to wreak havoc on your emotions and mental health.

For your own sake, you must uncover the truth without delay.

Open a free Spylix account today and throw wide open the secret world of a cheating spouse. It is only by unearthing the nitty-gritty of their infidelity that you can decide whether to forgive or forget them altogether.