A Guide on All Balloon Shapes and Where to Use Them

Latex balloons are a popular and affordable type of balloon. In general, it’s difficult to divide balloons into “main” and “secondary.” Thus, let us list here the most common variants of products.

Twisting Balloons

They are used to creating a variety of figures by twisting their parts, joining, intertwining, and other manipulations. Animators use long balloons to make flowers, dogs, and other funny figures. These items can be of different lengths; in the hands of professionals, such balloons turn into 3D figures and garlands of any complexity, colors, and sizes.

Classic Round Balloons

The color scheme can vary. Despite their traditional looks, these inflatables are almost the main working material for aero designers. A real pro can make a composition of any complexity: from arches to figures. These balloons can be filled with helium, put under the ceiling, or make decorative elements by combining, for example, two contrasting colors. Any idea is fine and can be perfectly realized.

Classic Round Ones With Patterns

The pattern on the surface of a regular latex balloon is a reason to assign it a separate category. The format and theme of the applied prints can be various: pictures, inscriptions, or complex designs. To make such balloons, they first create a standard latex product in the desired color, inflate it and put an image on it. Once the paint dries, the air is deflated, and the product is packaged for sale. The printing is mostly monochrome. The image can be applied to one or both sides, over the entire surface, or at a specific point.

Heart-Shaped Balloons

They are suitable for decorating weddings, theme parties, and dates. The classic palette of colors: red, pink, less often — white. There’s a wide choice of sizes: manufacturers create both tiny hearts and large inflatable ones. Choosing the right one for decorating will be easy.

Mylar Balloons

The second and more common name of these balloons is foiled. The method of production allows you to get products of any shape. Thus, the balloon can be made in any form. Their manufacturing technology ensures the durability of foil balloons: they are much more reliable than latex ones. Filling mylar balloons can be either air or helium. In either case, they will hold their shape for a long time: for example, a foil balloon filled with light gas will float for a few weeks. If filled with air, the product will keep its shape for several months.

Now let’s figure out what balloons you can use for different purposes:

  • 5-inch balloons are used to create framed figures: hearts, numbers, letters, etc. Besides, you may use them for thin garlands and chains.
  • 11-inch balloons are best for weaving garlands and various figures and for letting balloons out into the sky when a mass effect is vital.
  • 16-inch and 18-inch balloons are the standard sizes of helium balloons. It’s used to inflate with helium or air to create fountains and bouquets. It’s not common to put prints and greetings on them.
  • Larger balloons (21-inch or 24-inch) aren’t as popular, but they can be found in creating boxes and surprise balloons, unique figures, or the realization of design ideas and fantasies.