Pairing straw hats with different outfits for a chic style

Earlier, hats stood as a mark of status and class. Today, the reason for wearing it has completely changed. It has become synonymous with fashion-forwardness. Every type of headwear has its contribution to this, but some tend to be much more impactful. For example, think of straw hats. Whenever you imagine a beach holiday, you may visualize yourself in a straw hat that feels breathable and light while covering your face. At the same time, it gives your dress a unique touch. In the summertime, you can mainly rely on these humble pieces of headwear to adorn your look the way you prefer. Although everyone has a choice, you can explore ensemble ideas to integrate these stylish hats into your wardrobe.

Various style suggestions for a perfect straw hat look

For a carefree look

The combination of jumpers with American straw hats can be irresistible for its glamorous yet ready-for-summer feel. Pair the two to keep yourself fresh and cool. You can accessorize your outfit with sunglasses and gold jewelry. If you are planning a vacation, you must try this option once.

For a Pure Western Journey

Many women think straw hats can be either floppy or fedora-type. But there are many designs that you can rock. For instance, you can browse seagrass straw hats. You can mix and match it with wide-leg pants and a denim shirt. Round up this appearance with simple knick-knacks and block heels. Such a choice can be appropriate for many occasions, such as lunch or brunch with friends, casual workdays, and outdoor parties.

For a feminine getup

Suppose you have a flouncy green dress in your wardrobe, and it’s spring season. You can take this out and match it with your straw hat and mules. You can never feel overdressed while it lends a touch of unique elegance. To complete your outfit, you can add a straw tote bag, tiny drop earrings, and stacked clavicle chains.

Some peplum love

Do you have a boater hat made of straw material? You can wear it with a deep-neck peplum top featuring a bow knot. Complement it with gingham print shorts. You can pick a thin chain and keep your hair wavy. It will create an adorable summer look.

For a classy feeling

You can rock the black striped white pants with a buttoned-down denim look and straw fedora hats. Consider adding an expensive watch, necklace, and stiletto sandals to up your fashion game. Styling yourself like this can give you a celebrity vibe.

 For a lacy grace

On an exotic island vacation, you may want to don a monokini to amp up your overall look. A floppy or sun-straw hat can add a classy flair. Choose closed-back flat sandals with printed designs. They can be perfect for a holiday mood.

For vintage charm

You can quickly tap into this with a floral-printed short dress boasting a breezy cut. Top this style with a boater hat and block heels. It can appear simple, but you can bask in that vintage girl magic. A wavy hairstyle can enhance your final outfit even more.

For a striking tribal fashion flare

Some straw hats can be low crown top types. Whether you wish to look girly, sophisticated, or something else, you can fix this with your neutral-colored short dress, gladiator sandals, and more.

For a cozy and casual energy

With a striped midi dress, you can wear nude gladiator sandals and a straw hat for a dazzling light look. You can go super chic with this style by adding a denim jacket. Whether you wear it or tie it around your waist, this simple change can drastically impact you.

For a bohemian attraction

If you wish to indulge in luxury and modern dressing while keeping it slightly rugged, cowboy straw hats can fulfill your wish. You can pair them with shorts, tees, long chains, necklaces, leather belts, and boots. The bohemian outfit works like magic no matter where you go.

Things to consider

Regarding hats, fashion gurus say there is no rule for wearing them right. Many outdoor enthusiasts prefer the Richardson 112 trucker hat, and fashion-conscious people because of its comfort and timeless style. Still, a bit of carefulness can be helpful to avoid unnecessary faux pas. Usually, straw hats are not recommended for too-dressy or formal outfits. Neutral shades of tan can be a safer option. Also, these women’s hats pair well with jeans, shorts, beachwear, t-shirts, and polo shirts. If you attend a pool or beach party during the day, wear a floppy straw hat to keep your style on point while protecting your skin from the sun. However, you can trust Fedoras for a bold type.

The options for styling your outfit with a straw hat are endless. You only have to find the most comfortable choice for yourself.