Florida car accidents cause many injuries and deaths annually. An auto accident can change your life. Physically, economically, and emotionally damaging. After an automobile accident, the next step is to file a claim with the insurance company and the Orlando workers compensation Attorney.

Most accident claims are settled. Depending on the event and injuries, the process is lengthy. Complex auto accident cases demand sophisticated investigation tools, information gathering procedures, and case evaluation. Taking specific strategies following an auto accident can increase your settlement.

  • Ask For A Copy Of The Police Report

If possible, transfer your car to safety after an accident. Before you do, PHOTOGRAPH BOTH CARS if you were rear-ended or t-boned. If you take the vehicles to the public parking lot, he said-she said, as well as the police would have to determine whose at fault or, if he’s having a terrible day, may not ticket anyone. 

First, call the police. Police can help keep that situation under control following a vehicle collision, especially if another motorist is agitated. It helps document vital evidence. Insurance companies rely extensively on police reports to make settlement offers since officers are neutral third parties who review accidents. The police officer on site will create an official police report. Insurance companies rely extensively on police reports to make settlement offers since officers are neutral third parties who review accidents. If the accident happens in FL, you can access the Florida vehicle collision police report online by entering basic information about the crash, such as the date, ZIP code, and the car’s VIN.

  • Photograph The Crash Scene

The wounded victim should take images of the accident scene and injuries after calling the police. It’s hard to reproduce an accident scene to convey what happened, but you only get one opportunity to film it. Take images of the cars and the surrounding area, including information about road conditions, if they may be relevant.

 If there were witnesses, gather their names & contact info in case you need more information. If you were wounded, photograph your injuries. Having these photos as evidence never hurts, even if they’re never utilized. Take images of the crash scene with caution. More pictures are better than less.

  • Document The Damage To The Property

The wounded party should take their car to a reputable mechanic after taking photos of the accident. Have them evaluate the automobile and take pictures, especially if chassis damage is suspected. A mechanic would know what to check for, even if the aggrieved party took photos of the automobile at the accident. Keep broken car parts in case you need them later.

  • Make Appointments With Your Doctors

The insurance provider will hunt for evidence that the wounded individual isn’t as hurt as they say and that the injury wasn’t caused by accident. They were not getting medical attention after a car accident was a significant error.

 If the doctor recommends medication or treatment, it must be taken. Otherwise, an insurance provider will have information to prove the person wasn’t as damaged as reported or a time gap to argue a different injury happened. Even minor injuries should be checked out. Insurance investigators are excellent at discrediting injuries using social media.

  • Consult With A Physician

The injured party should also see the right doctor. After an accident, go to the ER, but follow up with the wounded party’s family doctor. Use can provide treatment to diagnose an injury. A costly MRI can help diagnose bone or organ injuries. Injury diagnosis may also require physical rehabilitation. Keep medical invoices and statements in case they’re needed for a claim.


The legal team has successfully obtained multi-million dollar settlements for clients who have suffered injuries or been involved in accidents. You may reach the personal injury offices of the Law Firm around Orlando or Central Florida by taking the minibusses. They have an understanding of the challenges that accidents provide and can assist you as well as your family in recovering. Allow them to help you on a more personal level. You are only responsible for their winnings. Give us a call for a no-cost consultation.

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