Top Reasons Why Firefox Focus Should Be Your New Smartphone Browser.

Mozilla designed Firefox, a web browser initially intended for desktops. However, over time, it released a browser called Firefox Focus, which initially was intended for browsing the internet on the smartphone. The browser released for the smartphone was revamped recently. Even though it began as a tracker-blocker for iOS, Firefox Focus is a complete mobile browser, known more for its excellent security features with a strong emphasis on user privacy while online.

Why Should Users Switch to Firefox Focus on their Smartphone?

Even though it takes one some time to get used to the new smartphone browser, Firefox Focus, once a user can navigate through the various features in this new interface, they will never go back to their old browser. Firefox Focus has received immensely positive reviews, especially since it masks a user’s online activity from websites, organizations, and even ISPs, such as Wave Internet while ensuring that the user has a seamless and track-free online browsing experience on their smartphone.

On the other hand, this is a free app, which allows other people outside of the Mozilla sphere to access the app’s code with ease, while modifying it and enhancing the app’s performance as they like.

Top Reasons Why Firefox Focus Should Be Your New Smartphone Browser

We listed some of the awesome features that make this mobile browser stand out among the hordes available today in the market:

Minimal and Easy-to-Navigate Interface and Make It Your Default User

Firefox Focus is a minimalistic mobile browser. Its minimalism is one of the reasons why it’s easy to navigate and it’s almost a pleasure to use a mobile browser that produces instant results swiftly. All the user needs to do is simply enter the website address that they want to visit in the URL section and press enter. On the other hand, users also have the option to customize their search engine experience within minutes.

If you are willing to shift your present browser to Firefox Focus, it’s quite easy to do so. Many people don’t like Google nor do they trust Chrome, especially since it has quite a dodgy reputation with data security. If you are among those who are looking for an option to switch their mobile browser to a new one, then Firefox Focus is a fantastic option. Simply go to settings and change the default browser to Firefox Focus and viola! You are ready to use the new browser.

Customize Search Engine Experience

Besides the extremely intuitive and minimal that aims to provide the end-user with an exceptional online experience, this mobile browser can fully be personalized. Users can also personalize the settings on the app, such as theme availability, preferred language features, personalize browsing/security settings, along with many other minor aspects, that simply make this app stand out. Although many of these features may be available in other mobile browsers, we are looking at you Google Chrome, but this browser ensures that the user doesn’t switch to some other one!

Erase Web Browsing History and Customize Blocking Cookies on the Browser

This is an added benefit for Android users; Firefox Focus ensures users can delete their browsing history with ease. To do this, simply go to settings, select history, and select the total time that needs to be cleared. There is another way to do this: Open the mobile browser, enter any website in the address bar, press on the trashcan icon, located on the top left corner of the smartphone screen, and Browsing History is now cleared on Firefox Focus in an Android phone.

Since this browser does not ask the user to confirm the deletion, if a site has been deleted, it has been deleted for good. Another spectacular feature that Android smartphone users will enjoy when they use Firefox Focus is a customized method of blocking cookies. This can be done, simply by going to the privacy and security section in the settings area. Here users need to select block cookies and block the cookies they want.

Fingerprint Protection and The Stealth Mode

This mobile browser ensures that the user’s digital and even physical privacy is never threatened and always protected. That’s where the option of fingerprint protection comes in handy as it allows the user to lock and unlock the app with their fingerprint only.

Whereas the stealth mode is to prevent the user from taking screenshots of the screen while they are using the app. This option is present to protect the browsing history of the user and to keep them safe. Another aspect of the stealth mode is that it hides the user’s last seen web pages, so when one exits the app, another user will not be able to peek at the last visited web pages. Both these options are customizable as per the preference of the user.


Keep in mind that you can maximize the performance and advantage of Firefox Focus if you have a speedy internet connection. To get a plan like that, go to BuyTVInternetPhone and get your plan of choice today! These are just some of the features that make Firefox Focus a new favorite of the industry. Why not try this app and figure out the fantastic features on your own!