How Much to Rent a Food Truck for a Wedding?

Marriage is the beginning of a lifelong commitment with your soulmate. You desire your special occasion to turn out to be the best. Yet, your best day of life can be creative with affordability.

People spend a lot on wedding food. Thus, one of the simplest ways to make your wedding under budget is to take your food budget under control. Recently, the food truck has been one of the best wedding reception food ideas on a budget.

The food truck is a new addition to the wedding catering service with each delicacy you want, just like a traditional wedding reception food hall. Food truck on the wedding reception is just a creative alternative which you won’t deny after experiencing it.


Why choose a food truck for your wedding reception?

Regardless, the food truck has some amazing pros that you will love at your wedding reception dinner.

Here are some amazing food truck features so you can decide why you will choose a food truck.

  • It is cost-effective in terms of the traditional food hall
  • It has a lot more ways to show creativity in serving food
  • It creates some amazing and unique experiences for guests and the newlywed couple
  • Food trucks avail startling photoshoot opportunities for everyone
  • It puts forward thousands of cuisines you want in your wedding reception

So, you can consider helping food truck catering in terms of creativity. It’s not that you can hire only one truck. You engage as many as trucks you want according to your number of guests.

And not only for your reception party. Rather, you can hire food trucks for the other programs related to the wedding.

How much does it cost to hire a food truck for a wedding?

The cost for food trucks depends on the number of trucks and how many hours you are hiring the truck. It also depends on if you customize the food menu and cuisines.

But on average, it costs between $2,500 to $5000 for 3 hours catering. You can always personalize your food truck according to your taste and choice.

Customization includes wrap graphics of your food, napkins, cups, plates, LED signs, decorations, flowers, etc.

Food truck saves a lot of money. The cost of your wedding reception food is more when you hire a traditional food catering service. Moreover, you can get all the benefits of a mobile kitchen.

There is no hassle of cleaning up your space after the program. So, you get more time to enjoy the program.

How many guests can be served with a single truck?

A single food truck can serve 75 people or less per hour. The guest number can be increased up to 100, but it is recommended that the number of people is less than 75 so everybody gets enough time.

If you hire more than one food truck for your wedding guests, the waiting time will decrease. It is your big day, so if you don’t want your guests waiting as it consumes time a lot, you can hire a team to serve your guests food and beverages.

The best way is to arrange and set your food truck in a buffet style so time is not consumed and everybody gets their delicacy in time.

What things do you need to consider hiring a food truck for your wedding guest?

You must be sure what you need for your wedding day catering to share the details with the food truck catering service.

Consider the following things before searching for the best food truck service provider:

  • Number of guests
  • Your budget
  • Wedding season
  • The indoor or outdoor venue
  • The menu that you want to serve to your guests
  • Seating arrangements (if you consider)
  • Decor that you wish to have on the food truck
  • Parking of the food truck

The food truck catering adds an amazing creative experience to your special day. The delicacies bring new experiences to the guests. Your wedding day should be stress-free and happy for you so you can focus on the occasion solely.

Bottom Line

Food truck service gives you an entire untroubled day regarding food service of your wedding receptions. So, make your day second to none by choosing the right service. However, always try to know how much to rent a food truck for a wedding beforehand.