Top FX Brokers in South Africa

South Africa has shown a great interest in FX trading in recent years. But still, the financial markets are quiet in the expansion stage in South Africa; the section is genuinely delivered and shows good capability that increases its demand through further and further foreign Brokers that catch up to South Africa trading operations. Visit here to know more about Globex360 broker.

Now, there are more than 160 FX brokers in South Africa, and these numbers are increasing almost every day. So, as a trader, how will you know which one is the best because everyone says it is the best?

Yes, it isn’t easy to compare each broker with the other. Hence, we are here for you with top FX brokers in South Africa:


This broker is one of the most reputable and oldest brokers when we talk about FX and CFD brokers in South Africa. And you must also know that all this reputation and success is not overnight. In fact, nothing is overnight, and that’s what we all know.

But the best thing about this regulated broker is that it is an award-winning broker. And you will be more shocked to know that it has not got only one award, but it has got many awards in its successful career. Some of its amazing awards are:

  • Best Customer Support
  • Best Forex Broker of the Year Award in (2020)
  • Best Alert System
  • Best Financial Derivative Trading Provider

Do you have any reason not to choose this broker?


Globex360 is a South African broker with its headquarters in Johannesberg, allowing you to view your potential broker right in front of your very eyes. This broker is designed for traders who like to deal with a broker that is easy to reach and communicate with. As a South African merchant, you are well aware of how simple it is to accomplish your goals.

However, this is not the most notable aspect of the Globex 360 broker; rather, it is included on this list because of a number of other unique characteristics. Copy trading is a feature that might appeal to every trader because it is something that any investor can participate in (from beginner to expert level).

CM Trading

Because it is not as well-known as it should be, this broker does not stand out as much. Because it provides a plethora of excellent services that many major brokers do not provide. Many brokers will not be able to provide you with as many facilities as you require if you are a newcomer to the market. CM trading, on the other hand, is not one of them, and this is maybe the most endearing quality of this broker. CM Trading broker never feels embarrassed to provide segregated accounts to its clients, regardless of whether they are newbies or seasoned traders.


When we did our study, we discovered that FBS is one of those brokers that is always great with their services, but who is still attracting new clients by accepting only a one-dollar deposit as a starting point. Thus, it is getting more and more users every day and is quickly becoming one of the most well-known brands in South Africa.

Final Words

If you believe that one of these brokers would be a good fit for you, please conduct more research on that particular broker before proceeding.

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