Buy a Hello Kitty Watch For Your Child

You have several options if you want to buy a Hello Kitty watch for your child. You can buy a Baby-G one, and you can even get a Cinnamoroll or Chococat one. However, you must choose carefully. You must learn about some essential details to find the right Hello Kitty watch for your child.

Baby-G Hello Kitty Watch

Buy a Hello Kitty Watch For Your Child 1

The Baby-G Hello Kitty Watch is a cute, casual watch for active women. This design features a large round watch face with a metal bezel and engraved logo of the 25th anniversary of BABY-G. The watch also features an original HELLO KITTY character and flower motif earrings. The watch’s face and back cover feature the classic look of the famous cartoon character.

The Baby-G Hello Kitty Watch collaborates with Casio’s bestselling BA-120 series and Sanrio’s most famous character. The watch band and dial are covered with Hello Kitty’s iconic red ribbons. The watch is also packaged in a luggage-inspired box that features artwork from the famous cartoon character.

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty, Baby-G and Sanrio have teamed up to release a collection of limited-edition watches featuring Hello Kitty. These limited-edition watches come with an original Hello Kitty design and in a graffiti-emblazoned tin with a special card that showcases the character’s creation. You can purchase one of these watches at G-Factory VivoCity’s official online store, or you can visit a pop-up store in Bugis. It’s located on Bugis Junction Malay Street, opposite the InterContinental Hotel.

Chococat and Cinnamoroll

Chococat and Cinnamoroll are two of the many characters that appear in the Hello Kitty watch series. Chococat was first released in 1996 and had a birthday on May 10. They can be found on many Sanrio merchandise and are also loved by many adults.

Originally, Chococat was only a background character in the Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures, but she later joined the main cast. Michelle Marie provides her voice. The character also starred in several manga and video games, including a 2007 anime film. Cinnamoroll has also been featured in several Hello Kitty video games and other media, including a manga series by Yumi Tsukirino.

The Cinnamoroll is the second most popular Sanrio character. He has a white coat, pink cheeks, and a curly tail. He has starred in the manga, anime movies, and various animation shorts. In 2005, he was expanded into a separate series called Cinnamoangels, featuring the characters Azuki, Mocha, Chiffon, and Lloromannic.

My Melody

The My Melody watch features a classic style with a face with golden crystal details. The strap is a delicate shimmering fabric. The watch also features golden heart rings. The clock is presented in a detailed presentation case. The cute prints on the dial add a playful touch.


A Hello Kitty watch with Kuromi is a cute gift for a kid. Kuromi is known for her tough-as-nails personality, but she does have a weakness for the sweet. When she visits a waterpark, she and her friends want to go on the tallest slide – THE PLUNGE! However, they cannot go on it because Kuromi is afraid of heights. Thankfully, Hello Kitty comes to her rescue.

Kuromi is the main character in the film, and she has a crush on Keiichi Hiiragi. The two met on the set of the Hello Kitty watch. They are the only two characters who share the same birthday. In addition to Kuromi’s crush on Hiiragi, Kuromi also has a crush on the character Badtz-Maru.

The Hello Kitty brand became widespread internationally in the late 1990s when its fans adopted it as an accessory to their fashion. The Hello Kitty brand has since become a popular choice for many, with newer Hello Kitty items even available at American department stores.

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