Of all the accessories that are there for a woman to up her style quotient, it is always the heels that are the most favorite. Though uncomfortable if worn for long hours, the high heel sandals women wear not only as a style statement but also to bring in an aura of confidence in them. If you are confused about which heels to pair with, what outfit? Then read on to find out the details. As a bonus, we also give you some tips on choosing the right heels for your feet.

Different types of high heel sandals for women

  • Peep toes

As the name suggests, these heels have an opening in the front and allow the toes to peep through. The tip here is these heels go well with bare legs. Any short dress till the knee length can be paired with peep toes. Peep toes can be either in a wedge or in stilettos. Wedge Peep toes can be worn for a casual evening and even be paired with jeans.

  • Pumps

Pumps have this uncanny ability to turn any outfit into a showstopper of the evening. They are wider and low cut in the front. These are the most basic types of heels. Heeled Slip-on & Pump look good on cigar pants, long formal dresses, and even on the shorter ones when paired with sheer stocking. For winter, skinny jeans with pumps can be paired with a furry jacket.

  • Stilettos

Wearing and pulling off a look with a Stiletto is not possible for everyone. But for those who manage to do it, it creates magic. They are 4 to 6 inches heels and can be paired with office clothes for a classy look. Pairing them with a pencil skirt or a black dress gives a stunning look. The key here is to keep the other accessories and makeup to a minimum while wearing Stilettos.

  • Small heels

This is for those who want to wear heels but are not sure yet. Unlike the Heeled Slip-on & Pump, this is basically a shoewith minimal heels. These best compliment everyday office wear.

  • Cone heels

The heel is broader at the soul and tapers to the ground. Worn mainly in the 1960s, these cone heelsare back in trend. If youwant to pull out a casual look, youneed to keep this cone heel as your priority. It gives a vintage feminine look. It can be best paired with jeans and oversized dresses, especially the ones with prints and patterns.

  • Kitten heels

This is a low and thin shoe-type heel that can be worn every day. It gives a casual but chic look. It goes well when paired with jumpsuits and skirts that are printed or have patterns on them. Avoid this heel if you do not want to come across as too casual.

  • Prism heels

Prism, as the name suggests, has three flat sides that point to touch the ground. This has no feminine touch and is the most modern of all. Never pair them with summer dresses that are flowery with lace. They go the best with boyfriend jeans and oversized blazers.

  • Puppy heels

Puppy heels are about 2 inches high and have the shape of a square block. They should never be paired with pants or jeans. Always pair them up with skirts and dresses. The variations of puppy heels are high heels, boots, and shoes. Prefer wearing them with straight lines and not with too skinny clothing.

  • French high heels

This high heel is narrower in the middle. If you are looking for an elegant look, then this is the perfect heel for you. You can even pull off a vintage look in these heels. This is the best high heel for dancing.

  • Block heels

These heels are usually quite tall and are block-shaped. The color of the heel can bring about a mix of both casual and elegance into the outfit.

  • Wedges

The heel that occupies the entire space beneath the feet is called wedge or platform heels. They are the most comfortable of all the heels. Most suited for smart casual and night outs. Do not pair them up with skinny outfits.

Checklist for buying high heels

Before venturing out to purchase heels, you must keep the following in mind.

  • Check if the heel serves the purpose of purchase.
  • The frequency of usage of the heels
  • The comfort level of wearing the heels
  • The cost.

Tips for wearing high heels

There are tips for wearing high heel sandals for women and being comfortable in them. Few are listed below.

  • Apply petroleum jelly to the heel edges to avoid blisters
  • One hack to take away the pain is to sandpaper the soles before use
  • Insoles can be bought to avoid slippage
  • Make use of arc support
  • Tape the toes
  • Carry heel caps with you

The high heel sandal women wear & casual shoes will invite the right amount of confidence in you. While shopping for quality products at best price keep in mind the above mentioned tips for a hassle free shopping experience. With the few tips and hacks provided in this article we hope that heel-wearing is no longer a painful affair for you. In theend, comfort is all that matters.