How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost?

Living with family and maintaining the relationship will be very difficult sometimes as some situations may arise, including emotional, financial, and social. To resolve those issues, sometimes, you may need legal assistance. And the person or certified expert dealing with the legal issue of family is a family law lawyer. 

And if you want to hire a family law lawyer, you need to keep in mind the cost will arise around that. In Canada, the cost of family law can vary from province to province. For example, the charge of Winnipeg may differ from that of Ontario.

So in the following writing, we will try to provide you with a general overview of how much a family lawyer costs and others? Before that, let’s know some important factors.

What Are the Roles of a Family Lawyer?

Before we discuss the cost of a family law lawyer, we better know the role of a family lawyer and the issues a family lawyer resolves.

A family lawyer is a legal professional who deals with a legal issue that evolved around a family. Some lawyers also provide consultancy services, such as family law lawyers in Winnipeg.

Their primary job includes the representation of a client in court. Generally, a family lawyer deals and resolves the cases like divorce and domestic acts of violence. Thus they assist with those family issues and provide advice and guardianship. A family lawyer also helps people or persons in need with cases related to family law such as wills, property distribution, etc.

Things a Family Law Lawyer Resolve

A family law lawyer is a licensed professional who deals with and covers diverse issues related to a family. The issues a lawyer deals with can be as follows:

  • Divorce
  • Spousal Support
  • Property Division
  • Parenting Arrangements and Contact
  • Adoption
  • Separation Agreements
  • Cohabitation & Prenuptial Agreements
  • Child Support
  • Guardianship
  • Common-Law Relationships
  • Wills and probates
  • And lots more

Let’s move on to the discussion of the cost of a family law lawyer.

How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost?

Normally a family law lawyer charges an hourly rate, and the rate may differ according to the nature of the case.

According to the 2018 Legal Fees Survey published by Canadian Lawyer Magazine, a lawyer-negotiated non-contested separation and divorce might cost you each $5100 to $7400 to draft and examine the documents.

If you don’t agree (it’s contested), the cost jumps from $19,500 to $35,500 in a hurry.

On the other hand, free consultations are offered by some family lawyers. Some companies charge $100, some companies charge $350 or $400, whereas others may charge $350. Some even charge a little extra.

Though the figure shown above is not fixed, your province or territory lawyer will be a better consultant to inform you everything.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Family Lawyer

Sometimes solving family law issues will be very complex and costly. In that case, you should maintain a precise planning and deliberate approach while hiring a lawyer or going through some family law issue. One of the things you can do is that you better look for free consultancy.

Also, some lawyers offer free consultation on solving family law issues. It will be better you take those consultations and make your problem easier to solve.

Besides, if you are going through a family issue like divorce filing, try to do it together. It will be more cost-effective for you.

Final Thought

For families or family members in Canada, family law concerns remain a top priority. And the question arises, like, what can a person do when the courts are only partially functional, and there are fewer personal resources available to pay for a family lawyer?

The most difficult aspect of family law may not be settling or winning your case but knowing how much it will cost. In this essay, we have clearly discussed family lawyer fees and budget techniques, so you may avoid family law financial pitfalls and get the most of every dollar you do have.