How to Calculate Pain and Suffering in a Car Accident?

Many times, car accident crashes are labeled as ‘minor’ without any action taken. However, their effects may be anything but trivial.

When a car accident happens, a person may not always undergo severe injuries that may prove the claim in court. But at the same time, there might still be considerable pain and suffering involved that makes one liable for compensation. And with a good auto injury attorney by your side, it becomes easier to demonstrate your pain and secure the compensation you deserve. Here, we will look at how is pain and suffering calculated in a car accident case.

What is Pain and Suffering in a Car Accident Case?

In a car accident, pain and suffering are components of the victim’s compensable losses. Generally, these losses correspond to any kind of physical injury or mental suffering caused by the following:

  • The car accident
  • The injuries from the accident
  • Medical treatment is required, following the accident
  • Everyday impact of the accident on the victim’s life and routine

For instance, if the victim lost his arm due to a car accident, he will be compensated for the pain of enduring the injury, the medical treatment required, the discomfort it causes, and any limitations imposed on the victim due to this permanent injury.

Calculating Pain and Suffering in Monetary Terms

Because there is no fixed standard for measuring pain and suffering, it can be easy to overstate.

Typically, while calculating pain and suffering from a car accident, the insurance adjusters consider the severity and permanence of sustained injuries. In other words, the victim will be compensated with a greater amount if he broke his arm than if he just bruised his leg.

Moving on, in most cases, insurance companies multiply the number of medical invoices by a number ranging between one and five to calculate ‘pain and suffering.’ The more severe the injury, the higher the multiplier number.

That said, most insurance companies work on the following assumptions:

  • Injuries that need a greater amount of medical treatment cause more pain and suffering as compared to those that require minimal treatment
  • Injuries that take longer to recover cause more pain and suffering to the victim

These assumptions, in turn, affect how insurance companies evaluate an injury claim.

Working with a Good Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Often, negotiating with an insurance company or its legal representative is taxing and time-consuming. Car accident attorneys that regularly deal with car accident claims can help you obtain the rightful compensation. They are not only familiar with all the legal procedures but also know the best ways to negotiate with insurance companies. So you must get in touch with a reputed car accident attorney to calculate the right amount of compensation for your pain and suffering from the car accident. Once you know the amount, you can easily file a claim to get what you deserve.