How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone

iPhone has been a classy choice for millions of phone users for many years. One of the top attractions of the iPhone familyasides from quality is the security it offers. This same coveted property can pose a challenge asiPhone is disabled.The screen lock with the passcode function can result in the iPhone becoming disabled if it is inputted wrongly.

It takes six consecutive wrong inputs of the screen lock passcode to get the device disabled. This can happen to anyone. How can a disabled iPhone be unlocked?

Apple Data Security Structure

Before we delve deeper into how to fix a disabled iPhone, let us examine why it is a common issue. Without screen lock security, anybody can gain access to phone data. This can leave sensitive information in the hands of fraudsters and manipulators.

This confirms that the screen lock is an important security protocol in iPhones. The common occurrence is iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes. But there are several ways to unlock the device without using iTunes and this article will show you the best way.

Ways of Unlocking a Disabled iPhone

How an iPhone can get disabled has been discussed, now it is time to know how to unlock it. The correct passcode can no longer unlock it once it has gotten disabled. Let us look at three different ways a disabled iPhone can be unlocked.

By connecting to iTunes

The first and impulsive way to fix a disabled iPhone is with the use of iTunes. This method is initiated by opening iTunes on a desktop and connecting the disabled phone. The iTunes interface will show the phone once it gains access to it. The “Restore iPhone” command is used to erase every data on the phone.

The data erasing will take the phone back to default and thus override the screen lock. Backed-up data can be restored to the phone once the process is complete. The downside of this method is that it will not work if the “Find my Phone” feature is enabled on the iPhone.

By using “Find my Phone” with iCloud

The “Find my Phone” feature can be the answer for how to unlock disabled iPhones without iTunes. If the find my phone option is enabled, the phone can be unlocked with an iCloud account. This can be done without using a computer. Use another mobile device to open and the Apple account associated with the disabled phone is supplied.

All the devices associated with the account will be displayed. Select the particular one to be unlocked and click the “erase data” command. This will erase data like the iTunes command and restore it to default. The important thing for this method to work is to enable “find my phone.”

Without the use of neither iTunes nor iCloud

There is yet another method that does not require the use of iTunes or iCloud. A disabled iPhone can be unlocked without launching iTunes or opening iCloud. This can be done with a unique tool by Wondershare, the Dr.Fone – screen unlock.

What is Dr.Fone?

This phone management tool is developed by Wondershare. It is a toolkit that can be used diversely for both Android and IOS devices. This toolkit can be used to unlock devices, backup data, transfer data and applications, and several other functions.

There are 7 simple steps between a disabled iPhone and an unlocked one using Dr.Fone. Below are the steps to follow:

  1. The first step is to install the Dr.Fone software on your computer. Then launch the software and select the “Screen Unlock” option to begin.
How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone 1
  • Connect the disabled iPhone with a lightning cable to the computer and wait for the program to detect it before selecting the “Unlock iOS Screen” option.
How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone 2
  • The software will then prompt you to initiate the DFU mode. Just follow the screen instructions to do this
How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone 3
  • Once DFU mode is activated, supply the necessary phone details in the next screen to give access to download the latest firmware for your iPhone
How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone 4
  • Click the download button after supplying all necessary information and click “Unlock Now” after the download
How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone 5
  • A confirmation code will be displayed on the screen. Input it into the box to start the unlocking
How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone 6
  • Wait for the process to complete and you will have your phone fully new. You can use the try again option if you wish to repeat the unlocking process
How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone 7

With these simple 7 steps, you will be able to unlock a disabled iPhone without using iTunes.

Final Words

The iPhone lock screen is important for security and personal data protection. A wrong passcode can get any Apple phone disabled after six trials. iPhone disabled? There are some ways to fix that. Connecting to iTunes is not the only way, it is not even the best way. Dr.Fone is the best option for unlocking a disabled iPhone. It will not only unlock it but keep it from getting stuck on the recovery loop. It can also be used for a variant of other purposes not limited to data transfer, backup, and security.