Lab-grown Diamonds In Engagement Rings

Getting an engagement ring is one mammoth task when you have to factor in so many aspects like the cut, size, colour, personal preferences, and of course budget. After all, everyone wishes to get the best ring. Choosing from the wide array of Rare-carat diamonds is not just overwhelming but exciting to the core. Crafted from the same carbon as the age-old mined diamonds, lab-grown pieces are gaining in popularity owing to their stunning beauty and affordability.

How to find the best lab-grown diamonds for your engagement ring?

While the most popular options for engagement rings are single, clear, and round brilliant solitaire rings, you can buy diamonds in various styles and ring designs. Most lab grown diamonds are available online through reputed sellers like Rare Carat and come with grading reports from EGL, IGI, or GIA.

The shape and size of the lab diamond can influence the design of your engagement ring. So you need to be very cautious about what you choose. If your significant other has hinted at her preference for a larger stone, you need to be creative in the design option you select. Also, fancy diamonds today are available in various shades other than pristine white. You will also have to consider whether your bride will prefer the conventional solitaire ring or the one haloed with tiny diamonds.

Another important decision to make while choosing the diamond for the engagement ring is opting for the right cut. This is a very critical aspect that can impact the overall radiance, appearance, and style of the ring. Let’s take a look at the common cuts of Rare Carat diamonds for your engagement ring.

  • Round brilliant: This is the most popular and timeless choice for diamond engagement rings. The round brilliant cut comes with 58 facets that boost the brilliance, sparkle, and fire of the diamond. It is versatile and classic which makes it suitable for all designs of engagement rings.
  • Princess: It is a rectangular or squared diamond that has a brilliant facet and sharp corners. The princess cut is an edgy yet elegant choice that gives your engagement ring a catchy look. The best part is whether you go for a three-stoned or a solitaire design, the princess cut will be fit for the same.
  • Emerald: This is a rectangular or squared cut with step-cut facets which is lesser compared to other cuts. Since it can highlight the clarity and color of the diamond, it is a sophisticated choice for an engagement ring.
  • Cushion: It is a soft style in a square shape with cushion-like slightly rounded corners. The larger facets of the cushion cut give out a subtle shine which enhances the overall appearance of the ring. It’s a great choice for both vintage style and halo-pattern engagement rings.
  • Oval: This one is a unique elongated cut that creates an illusion of longer and slimmer fingers. The oval shape and the radiant facets improve the sparkle and fire of the diamond. Many people prefer the oval diamond for creating halo and pave pattern engagement rings.
  • Asscher: The last one on the list is a vintage-themed diamond cut with a unique square shape and step-cut facets. Although it has lesser facets compared to other cuts, the clarity and color of the diamond are greatly enhanced. This cut is mostly suitable for Art Deco as well as all kinds of vintage style rings.

Once you decide on the cut when you buy diamonds, the next consideration is the carat or weight of the lab grown diamonds. It’s worth noting that one carat means 1/5th of one gram and the larger cut you choose, the higher will be the carat. But when it comes to synthetic diamonds, it is common for people to choose between one to three carats since they are significantly cheaper in comparison to mined diamonds.

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Final words

Many people become so engrossed with the diamond that they don’t give much importance to the metal on which the stone will set. It is as crucial as the stone since it impacts the overall look of the ring. Once you have a fair idea of how you want the engagement ring to be, you can browse through the fabulous collection of engagement rings at Rare Carat. 

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