Best 10 Learning Hubs for test automation

One of the essential phases in the application development life cycle is testing. With a growing number of projects in test organizations and the demand to shorten the value-to-market, and the need for expertise to serve fast-moving businesses are high. The quality assurance of any application solely depends on automation testing, which helps in decreasing the cost of testing and increases work efficiency.

But implementing a powerful automation testing plan is not an easy task for any organization. Every application before deployment gets tested with the best manual testing form but bugs consistently get crept in. Automation test specialists are the ones who put their effort into getting them before their release. Hence learning test automation to gain expertise in the field is an ideal approach and very important to increase the feasibility, and effectiveness of product testing.

But the problem is that the learning classes for automation testing are costly and there is no clear learning path or technical assistance from instructors. To help you with this problem this article will provide you with great help. Here we have reviewed a list of top 10 learning hubs offering online courses on Automation Testing. Some of them are paid and some are free. Before we begin, let’s quickly understand how online learning helps.

Nowadays everyone is running online because it is providing a lot of benefits to them. It helps in many ways from shopping to traveling and finding jobs to learning online. It is very useful.

Studying online enables you to take classes sitting at home if you stay away from the institute or college. This also helps you to save on your cost of traveling. And even if you are doing a job, and don’t get time, then you can take online classes at any place, and enhance your learning of new skills.

So let’s get started with our list to help you choose the best test automation learning hub online.

LambdaTest Learning Hub

Learning Hub

Automation is to go now as far as testing is concerned. It has now become compulsory for manual testers also to know automation. But updating the existing skills and keeping oneself engaged with the new tools, and implementing them to replace the day-to-day tasks requires persistent determination. 

To ease your task and to help you to learn these skills LambdaTest has launched a free Learning Hub for all the users, customers, and readers to help them increase their foundational knowledge of every excellent tool or framework they work with.

This learning hub is built by LambdaTest, a secure, scalable, and reliable cloud-based cross-browser testing platform. It allows you to perform both manual and automated testing by providing a cloud of more than 3000 real devices, browsers, and operating systems with their respective versions.

LambdaTest learning hub is truly a wide-ranging hub and the best for online learning. It offers the best online Courses that cover everything regarding Selenium with C#, cross-browser testing, web development, responsive testing, mobile testing, unit testing tutorials, continuous testing tutorials, TestNG tutorials, choosing the best CI/CD tools, and many more.

This provides the fastest and easiest ways to get started with learning automation testing and  also trains you to enhance your knowledge and become part of a profitable organization

So no more searching for the best tutorial to upskill your abilities. LambdaTest Learning Hub is an ideal place, to begin with.

Katalon Academy

Learning Hub

Katalon Academy is a learning hub that makes all the concepts of automated testing simple and easy. This involves web, mobile, and desktop automation testing, API,   DevOps, CI/CD pipeline integration, etc.

It offers basic to advanced courses, which are suitable for all levels of testers, QA specialists, and developers. Katalon Academy assures reliability and consistency in the course quality because their instructors are experienced professionals working in the Automation Testing field, and developing frameworks, for years.

Since the platform is built by Katalon, it provides its users free access to the storage of hands-on tutorials on the leading automation solutions such as Studio, TestOps, Recorder, and many more.

A few of the essentials that it provides to the learners are- data-driven testing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web testing, step-by-step tutorials with sample projects, and in-demand tools. It also offers Monthly webinars, for additional help, and support provides an interactive learning experience with peers and instructors, and many more.

The process of joining is quite simple. Just create a free Katalon Academy account, pick a course, and start your learning journey.


Udemy is the most popular, and one of the leading learning centers. Since 2010, it has served a long list of courses covering many different topics like IT, Business, Marketing, etc.

It is a one-stop platform for ambitious automation experts. It offers countless automation testing courses covering a wide range of related topics, from implementing specific testing tools like Selenium to the roadmap to full-stack QA.

Some of the best courses listed on this platform are, API Automation, RPA Automation, and Appium –Mobile Automation Testing enabling people to learn automation testing. Some of its courses are free, while others are paid. After completion of paid courses, it provides digital certificates.

All you need to do is go to Udemy and select the course you want to apply for from the list of courses. But it is to note that before you decide to enroll just go through the preview material and have better research about the instructors before paying anything

You can get some of the Udemy Courses for free or you can also purchase the lecture content grounded on user-generated reviews, other filters, and more.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a professional platform that offers high-quality courses, categorized into 3 primary groups: Business, Creativity, and Technology.

It guarantees quality content as the automation testing courses on LinkedIn Learning are presented by Industry experts and experienced professionals. After the completion of the course, you will get a digital certificate. It also supports features for you to track and review your learning processes such as notes directly on the site and auto transcript.

The platform offers a clear learning path for you to be an automation test engineer. It enables you to learn the domain foundation, how to use the testing tools, write test scripts, and even the robot framework automation.

It offers some courses to try out for the first month for free,  but to have full access to all lessons, you need to pay for a monthly subscription.


Another popular open online course provider on Automation Testing is Coursera. It also provides online professional certificates, Online Degree Programs on a wide range of topics.

The lessons it provides are categorized into 3 major categories each with a different pay structure. The categories are- Courses, Guided projects, and Specializations.

The courses category helps you to gain overall knowledge and insights( it is free), the guided projects provide a hands-on experience( it may cost you), and in the specializations section, you can follow a clear learning path as it covers many courses organized in order to learn specific aspects of automated testing(this require a monthly subscription).

Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring video-based content, quizzes, and projects, helping candidates to learn in an exciting and interactive manner. The materials are taught by trained experts and skilled professionals from well-known universities and organizations.

You will get certificates after completing specializations or on certain paid courses. A free trial is also available.


EdX is a recognized e-learning platform that covers a wide range of topics from business to management, computer programming to engineering, and many others. It also specifically focuses on a few automation testing courses aimed at an intermediate level. To learn from this platform you need to know the basics of programming and must have some experience in the field.

The courses on this platform are hosted by top university professors and trained experts. They put some courses together into a learning program, to make it easy for you to follow.

It offers a few courses for free with limited access to view certain contents and without guaranteeing a certificate.  To get full access and a certificate upon completion, you will be required to pay for the course. Also for their programs, you will need to pay to have the fullest experience.


YouTube is the most popular well-liked video-sharing platform all over the world. This platform is very easy to use, almost everyone is familiar with its user interface and how it works. It provides information on wide-ranging topics and skills, including endless free resources on test automation, containing video tutorials and courses.

As this platform is for all and anyone can post and share their videos, regardless of their actual skills and backgrounds. Due to this it sometimes gets time-consuming and difficult in finding high-quality resources. Furthermore, it lacks supported features for learning as there is no specific learning path or ways to get help from the instructor so it becomes difficult to track the study process.

Saying this does not mean that you should overlook this platform for learning about automated testing. You can find results about your queries very easily just go to the website and enter your search into the search bar, give yourself some time going around, and there you may get what you expected.


Edureka offers specialized courses covering a wide range of topics in technology fields, such as computer programming, software development, and automation testing training

It also provides a Master’s Program to become a test automation engineer where you will get to learn how to plan and implement automated testing in all phases of the software development life cycle. The program also offers you free support courses on SQL essentials, Java essentials, Python scripting, etc.

Edureka provides Instructor-led training and courses which helps the desiring candidates to learn interactively. While learning allows you to interact with the instructors. In case you miss any live sessions, you can watch the recorded versions later on or simply join the next live classes. For practice and implementation of the learned things, there are exercises and projects to be completed.

The best courses related to Automation Testing on Edureka are, Selenium Certification Training,  Performance Testing using Jmeter, and Ruby with Cucumber Certification Testing. The order of payment would be as per course or program.


Simplilearn is one of the top leading certification training providers. It mostly covers topics on digital and technology skills. There are loads of free-to-view and learn resources on this website about test automation, which includes articles, eBooks, video tutorials, and webinars.

SimpliLearn also offers a Master Certification Program to become an automation test engineer. It also provides comprehensive certification programs like Java Certification Training, Selenium Training, and many more.

Attending all these programs will give you complete knowledge and hands-on experience in software development, automated testing, and QA skills. These certifications are really useful and can help in automation testing career growth.


Pluralsight is another well-known learning platform providing wide-ranging courses. All the topics are primarily related to technology fields, including automation testing.

The platform has skilled experts from across industries to provide high-quality technical courses for users who have little experience in the technology or testing fields and are pursuing a tech career. For beginners also there are courses available.

It provides features that help you to learn with flexibility like offline learning, quizzes, and practice exams. The monthly subscription model is the same as LinkedIn Learning. To join several core courses you need to pay on a monthly basis. For advanced features such as hands-on scripting, projects, guided feedback, and onwards you need to go Premium plan.


When you are getting a lot of options for an online learning hub, then you should not waste this opportunity. These days there are multiple websites offering online courses, and it is very important to choose the best. One of the best in my opinion over others is LambdaTest learning hub which has already established a big name and has a big team of experts too.

LambdaTest learning hub is really good for courses related to the IT sector. It offers good quality content, and multiple tools for practical experiences, and conducts classes by trained faculty.