Why Event Marketing Is a Must

Every business owner knows that business comes from relationships. You know this, and it’s the very reason you were thinking about events in the first place.

Why Is Event Marketing Important?

It’s as simple as this. No other marketing platform available to you can deliver the same results; it’s where business opportunity meets your business relationship management (BRM) and sales process. These elements come together like no other: business relationships, business opportunities, and business processes. These make up the business cycle which leads directly to business results for your company. Events are where business relationships start, and business relationships lead to business.

Never Waste a Crisis      

It’s important to remember that business relationships are relationships, no matter how you interact with them. The Covid pandemic forced virtual interaction and events due to lockdown protocols. Has this created virtual business opportunities, so why not take advantage of them?

Let’s take a close look at Middletown NY solar companies. At the beginning of the pandemic, everything stopped.  No one know what the next move was going to be.  Residential solar started to take on a new form and new as we look back post-pandemic not only are solar companies growing but now we see event marketing and physical event marketing on the rise.  There is nothing like performing your lead generation and then working your funnel into a real-time in-person event.

Virtual Versus In-Person Events

The real value of events is in your ability to apply your business marketing process, engage with business prospects, and set appointments that turn into business deals.

Virtual business events are typically the best choice when business travel is not financially feasible for you or your prospects. They may also be a more time-effective way of reaching out to your market since they are held over extended periods and typically have a recurring business calendar.

There is also an opportunity to leverage virtual events for consumer-based audiences.  We have to see partner solar lead generation companies do well by leveraging virtual events to create residential solar leads.  These practices have been adopted by many companies and in many cases have become the new fabric of how they do business. 

On the other hand, in-person business events are best when you need to engage face-to-face with your business prospects or if you want to find more business quickly due to their shorter duration.

Business Events Only Work If You Do

The big question becomes, “Where to buy leads?” But as great as opportunities are at events, business owners sometimes mismanage them with poor follow-up processes or fail to collect business cards – one of the best ways to turn a potential client into a business lead. There are business leads for sale, but you can also create or buy your prospect list and then market to them to increase event attendance.

So, to push your business and create business opportunities at events, it is essential to:

  1. Know Your Numbers – How many business cards do you need? What is the event’s goal, and how will it be measured? How can you ensure that you close x amount of business from the event?
  2. Utilize a CRM – You cannot succeed at business development if you don’t have the right tools to manage business leads. It’s got all the business best practices for using technology to grow your business covered so you can be effective and efficient in business development.
  3. Manage Your Registrations – You need to know who’s coming and create a list of business cards before the event even begins. This way, you can start your business outreach as soon as people walk through the door.

Some things to manage:

  • Follow-up emails sent x days after the event
  • Meetings/calls are set during the event. If you find yourself meeting business cards by chance, schedule a call with them and give your business card away as well.
  • Market Your Event – Events draw business because businesses love meetings and mixers.

You can attract business to your event by:

  • Creating a business-focused agenda with business workshops and networking time
  • Hosting a business mixer or lunch
  • Promoting your event – business leads, and email lists, don’t just fall out of the sky. You need to put some marketing behind them (and events in general). Start by authoring an article about it on your business blog to ensure that businesspeople in your industry are aware of the event.

There You Have It

As you can see, business leads don’t just fall out of the sky. It would be best to create business opportunities through events by following business best practices.

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