Tips to Make Mass Text Marketing Personal

If you’re a business owner, chances are you’re either actively involved in or are considering mass text marketing. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to start marketing your company using text messages, allow us to convince you. According to the Pew Research Center, a shocking 97% of Americans own a cell phone, making mass text marketing the most effective and profitable way to market products and services in today’s society. If you think that email marketing might be more effective than mass text marketing, think again. In fact, 98% of SMS are opened, compared to a low 20% of emails, demonstrating the relevance of mass text marketing. Clearly, this new form of digital marketing is taking the lead in the digital marketing realm.

However, with more and more companies opting to market using text messages, how do you stay on top of the game and stand out from your competitors? The answer is to make your text messages personal. No one wants to read text messages that are monotonous and clearly sent from a bot. Rather, your potential customers and clients want personalized content that is relevant, which is what we’re here today to show you how to create. We’re going to give you four tips to make mass text marketing more personal. To increase the quality of your mass text marketing strategy tremendously, keep on reading. 

1. Customize Recipient Name 

The first and one of the most simple tips to make mass text marketing personal is to include the recipient name in the text messages. Consider these two examples: “Check out our Black Friday sale!” versus “Emily, check out our Black Friday sale!” While the first example looks like spam and will probably be deleted without ever being opened, the second example demonstrates that the message is designated for the recipient specifically, emphasizing the importance and relevance of the text message to the recipient. Essentially every mass texting platform you come across will have options for customizing the recipient name, so don’t forget to add this simple personalization before you click send. 

2. Include Who the Text is From 

While emails have the benefit of displaying the sender name in the message preview, you don’t get that same feature in mass text marketing, which is why including who the text is from at the end of text is critical. If you forget to include the name of your company at the end, the recipient will receive a text message from an unknown number in the inbox and, upon opening the message, still have no idea who it is from. This is a substantial waste of time, money, and effort on your end, because you would have put so much effort into crafting the perfectly worded SMS message marketing your new service just for the recipient to not know who to contact for these services. Even something as simple as “-[your company name]” makes a world of difference. 

3. Personalize Based on Recipient Location 

Another easy way to personalize your mass text marketing is to include information relevant to the recipient’s location in the text message. Many times, when someone signs up to receive text messages from you, they either do so at a physical storefront location or they can include information like their home address online when signing up. This provides valuable information you can use to make your mass text marketing seem more relevant to your recipient. If your business is a hair salon, you might consider sending a text message like “Hey Emily, book your appointment at [your salon name and the address of the location nearest them] today!” Again, most mass texting platforms incorporate ways to include location-based information for each recipient, so take full advantage of those capabilities. 

4. Avoid Corporate Language

The fourth and final way to make mass text marketing personal is to get rid of any formal, corporate language you might be tempted to put in your text messages. Even if your company is a corporate company, the whole point is to make mass texts personal and relatable, so say goodbye to uptight language and instead introduce casual, conversational wording into your mass text marketing strategy. People want to feel like an actual person is texting them, not a robot, so word the text messages in a way you would if you were talking to your recipients face-to-face. Trust us, the return on this small change will be enormous. 


In summary, here are the four main tips we mentioned to make mass text marketing personal: 

  1. Customize recipient name
  2. Include who the text is from
  3. Personalize based on recipient location
  4. Avoid corporate language

By following these four simple tips, your marketing strategy will improve tremendously, and your sales and revenue will increase likewise. See for yourself the power of making mass text messages personal.