Where everyone’s routine is filled with day-to-day activities, meetings, and appointments, it gets difficult to have quality time with family and bring your family closer once again.

Spending quality time is the epitome of strengthening the bond with the family. However, it is not easy as it looks. It needs a stress-free mind, time, and budget to assist the ideas. To help you with it, here are five affordable ideas you can go for that are guaranteed to bring out fruitful results.

Moon Lamps

Moon lamps are a trending home decoration piece that is gaining more and more popularity day by day. It is an artificial moon made up of PLA (Polylactic Acid) and featured with 3D printing of the images of the actual moon. These gorgeous lamps come in a variety of sizes, colors, and features.

Moon lamps can help your family once again to come closer to each other. It is a thing for all that is all family members can get benefited from it equally.

It can act as a soothing light source while playing a family game or as a night light when the kids are sleeping. Moreover, it is an excellent tool for inducing peaceful and soothing sleep.

Elderly people in the house can put this mini-moon beside their bedside and sleep without any disturbance. What’s more, you can get a customized moon lamp with a family picture printed on it.


Apart from the benefits stated above, moon lamps are an amazing gift choice for your spouse, child, sibling, parent, or grandparents. Buy a moon lamp and pave the road to a happy family.

Movie Night with Family

Imagine someone from your family inviting you for a surprise movie night? Wouldn’t it be fun yet memorable too? You will surely subside your stressful things and will start making preparations.

Kids and elders like movie nights equally, but what can be more exciting than a surprise movie night with all the preparations done beforehand?

It is crucial to spare some family time from the hectic work routine. A movie night can serve the purpose perfectly. Movie nights also help in becoming your child’s media partner and getting a chance to guide them.

You can select a family movie to be released in the cinemas and buy its tickets. You can also make arrangements for the movie at home. For this, select a movie according to the liking of your family.

Make room for the projector and turn off the lights to give a more realistic look. Arrange some snacks and drinks and chill them beforehand.

Grab the popcorns and make the family time memorable by bringing everyone close.

Diamond Painting

Nobody would have thought that whether an adolescent or elderly, both can make a painting perfectly even when they are not professionals. With the introduction of diamond painting, it is no longer a dream.

Diamond Painting is a new trending art. A canvas with a printed picture and other necessary tools are provided in the kit. Artificial diamonds of different sizes and colors are present in the kit, which are then stuck to the canvas with the help of glue. You can also order a customized diamond painting that will provide you with a canvas having your family photo printed on it.

Diamond Painting

For bringing the family together, first, get your favorite family photo in the form of a customized diamond painting. Then gather them all and explain how to start with it.

You can give the easy parts to the kids and the elderly people of the family. The other family members can take the complex parts.

All this time spent together doing one thing at the same time will nourish the family bond.

Galaxy Roses

People will keep remembering roses as the symbol of affection as long as this world remains. But no one would have imagined roses that would not wilt. This is where the galaxy roses make their place.

Galaxy Roses are artificial roses made up of polyethylene and decorated with a holographic coating. These roses are made by hand and crafted perfectly to look like real roses.

The holographic coating gives them an eternal shine and an enchanting look. They come in a variety of colors and forms to suit everyone’s needs.

Galaxy Roses

Galaxy roses are here to help you strengthen your bond with your family. If you are thinking of something that you can gift your spouse on your anniversary, go for a bouquet of galaxy roses with some sweets.

Bring some of these roses, packed inside a beautiful gift wrap, for your children on their birthday. You will make an irreplaceable place in the heart of your family.

Paint by Numbers

Almost everyone in a home likes to spread colors in the form of a painting. Paint by numbers is a modern solution to all the painting difficulties. The cherry on the cake is, it is also a great tool for bringing all the family members to one table.

Paint by numbers is a trouble-free and guided method of painting. The paint by number kit provides a printed outline of a picture along with all the necessary colors to paint it.

Every area on the picture is marked with a number, so are the colors. You have to fill the color with its corresponding number on the picture with a brush. These pre-printed numbers make it a piece of cake to paint professionally.

Paint by Numbers

Above all, you can have a customized paint by numbers picture and kit by providing a picture of your choice.

How can you use it to bring your family together once again? It’s super easy. Order a customized paint by numbers kit and get the outlined picture of your family photo.

Gather everyone around and tell them the process. Involve the older ones too. Assign a part of the picture to everyone and paint with them.


A family should never be neglected as it is all we have. Every member of a family shall make efforts to bring everyone close. Doing so will give you internal satisfaction and peace. Adopt the ways mentioned above to boost your bond with your family and become the apple of your family’s eye.