What channel is shark week on

Shark week is coming, and what better way to get excited than by learning about some of the most fearsome creatures in the sea? This blog post will look at some of the most famous sharks and their importance to the marine ecosystem. We’ll also discuss ways to enjoy shark Week without risking your life. So dive in!

What is Shark Week?

Shark Week is a week-long television event in the United States that runs from July 23 to 31st. It is produced by the Discovery Channel and is dedicated to shark conservation. Every year, different types of sharks are featured in various shows and specials. This year’s theme is “Shark vs. Shark: The Ultimate Battle.”

What are the Shark Week Episodes?

Shark Week is an annual event celebrating the swimming, biting, and hunting of sea animals. The first week of August is dedicated to sharks and their conservation, while subsequent weeks feature different types of sharks. The Discovery Channel airs Shark Week programming each year, starting on the Sunday before Labor Day.

How to watch Shark Week?

Shark Week is a weeklong television event that takes place in the summertime. It is aired on Discovery Channel. It features documentaries about sharks and their ecology.

Recap of all the shark week episodes

Shark week is a yearly celebration of all things shark. Numerous programs are airing on different channels about sharks and their importance in the ocean. The following recap of all the Shark Week episodes aired this year.

The Discovery Channel aired “Jaws” for the first time, which caused a lot of people to be scared of sharks. But later, they discovered inaccuracies in the movie, like when one shark killed Chief Brody. 

Later, “Shark Week” was created to educate people about sharks. This year, “Shark Week” aired on July 23-29th. There were many programs about sharks, such as how they’re vulnerable to extinction and how humans can help protect them. 

One of the most popular programs this year was “Great White Hunter.” It followed Jason DeCaires Taylor as he tried to track down various great white sharks off the coast of California. Taylor is known as the “great white hunter” because he’s been able to track and capture great whites for research purposes for many years. 

 Some other popular programs this year included “Jaws: The Revenge,” which looked at how great whites have been reacting to changes in their environment, “The Great White Chase,” which followed divers who were trying to find and photograph great whites off the coast of South Africa; and “Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives,” which looked at

How to watch shark week 2022

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the channel that airs Shark Week may vary depending on your location. However, many TV providers offer a selection of cable and satellite channels that air Shark Week events year-round. If you don’t have access to a TV or want to watch the events without commercials, you can stream them online using various streaming services.

Here are some of the most popular streaming services and where you can watch Shark Week events without commercials:

  • Netflix: The popular streaming service offers an extensive selection of movies and TV shows, including episodes of Shark Week. You can watch individual episodes or all 13 weeks at once.
  • Hulu: Hulu also offers an extensive library of movies and TV shows, including episodes of Shark Week. You can watch individual episodes or all 13 weeks at once.
  • Facebook Watch: The social media giant’s Watch platform offers free live streams of select TV shows and movies with ads. You need a Facebook account and a compatible device like a phone or tablet to access Shark Week content. Unfortunately, Facebook does not currently offer a way to watch full seasons of TV shows without ads.

Shark week 2022 host

This year, Shark Week returns to the Discovery Channel on July 23-29. This year’s lineup includes a mix of new and returning shows. Some of the returning shows include: 

  • Shark Wranglers: On this show, people who love sharks learn how to hunt them and participate in shark fishing tournaments. 
  • Shark Tank: In this show, people who want to invest in sharks can try out different products that Sharks have offered for sale. 
  • MythBusters: This show tests myths about sharks, such as whether they can swim up waterfalls or climb trees. 
  • Extreme Shark Adventures: On this show, people get a close look at some of the deadliest sharks in the world.


If you haven’t heard, Shark Week is coming soon, and we have the perfect channel for you! National Geographic has been airing shark-themed documentaries for years, so there’s no shortage of great content to check out. Not only will Shark Week provide you with hours of entertainment, but it also provides a good opportunity to educate yourself on this important conservation issue. So what are you waiting for? Get watching!

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