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The workout is an intricate skill, requiring years of practice and extensive training. Agility sets are the best way to improve your agility significantly. But how can you get started outfitting your gym and your game room? Shop NOW! Let us help you find the highest quality agility training kit, in spite of all your needs laid out before you!

What is Agility?

Agility, sometimes referred to as “Agility and Fun Dog Sport”, is a family-friendly dog sport in which dogs are trained to perform tasks at an obstacle course against the clock. These tasks must be completed before the dog receives a treat. Agility is usually timed, with shorter courses typically requiring around one minute or longer courses between three to six minutes.

History of Agility Courses and Training

Agility was created in the early 1950s and when it became a game show at the 1984 Olympics, it spread like wildfire with hundreds of breed clubs adopting it. It became one of the biggest dog sports of all time, but until now there has not been a single piece of agility equipment that appeared to have credentials as good as what they are putting out.

Benefits of a Typical Off-Leash Agility Course

Off-leash agility courses are becoming a popular and effective form of keeping busy dogs entertained, but it is vital to make sure that you are purchasing equipment for your needs. If you would like to enhance the experience for your furry friend, there is only one way to do it: by investing in a high quality (Versatile But Powerful; multi-directional) circular course from Agility Action.

Product Advice for a Typical Course

Perhaps the best advice for someone just beginning with agility training is to find affordable, effective equipment. If you want to purchase agility goodies online and don’t feel like spending a lot, our resident experts recommend checking out

Buying Advice for a Typical Course

Purchasing from a company makes sure that your money doesn’t go to waste and they are able to provide you with the best service possible. Your experience with agility equipment should be quick and easy, especially when looking for professional guidance.

Splits, Scruffing and Walkovers

Splits, scruffing and walkovers are how events start. A split is a jump on one foot with the opposite foot close to the ground, this allows for great speed through a lane or ring work. The scruffing or sheepdog exercise is repeated forward and backwards moves. The fun part of this exercise is that your dog actually continues to run after it has been released.


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