Precautions for applying for an Australian student visa

After getting the confirmation letter from the school, the first thing to do is to apply for an Australian student visa. The visa application for Australia is relatively simple. Under normal circumstances, you do not need to go to the consulate in person and submit it online. According to the guidelines of the Immigration Bureau, it usually takes more than a month to process a visa. However, based on experience, the visa notification can be obtained within a few days after the medical examination. However, the Immigration Bureau reviews very carefully and strictly. The key to successful approval lies in whether the submitted documents and information are true and proper. While applying for an Australian student visa, you’d better pay special to the following things:

Fill in the application form carefully and correctly

To apply for a student visa online, you need to fill in a lot of information, a total of 25 pages, including basic personal and family information, study abroad funds, courses, insurance information, work experience, travel records in the past 10 years, and whether there is a criminal record, etc. The application form needs to be filled out in English. In many cases, students will make mistakes when filling in by themselves. Misunderstanding the questions can lead to incorrect answers or direct wrong answers, which will affect the visa approval progress or even result in visa refusal.

Write the GTE as required

Another reason for visa refusal is that the bureau requires every student to write a personal statement Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE), which is intended to check whether the applicant’s real intention to come to Australia is only temporary, for example, to study in Australia, increasing competitiveness, making it easier to return to China to find a job after completing your studies, rather than illegal work or illegal immigration. GTE also needs to provide evidence to support it. If you are not careful, as long as the visa officer has a reasonable doubt that you do not want to stay in Australia temporarily, the visa refusal standard will be met.

All international students under the age of 18 must arrange a legal guardian

Australian law stipulates that all international students under the age of 18 must arrange for a legal guardian. If you live in a host family, usually the school will become the guardian of the student and provide a statement of the accommodation and welfare arrangements for submission to the Immigration Bureau. This is the simplest and most direct arrangement. If parents entrust their relatives in Australia (usually blood relatives) to be guardians, additional documents are required to prove the relationship between the student and the relative, including birth certificates, parent passports, relatives passports, family genealogy, good citizen certificates, etc., if any changes have been made, such as name or parents have divorced, the required documents will be more. If one parent needs to accompany to live in Australia, you need to apply for a guardian visa separately.

Provide Certified True Copies as required

Note that most of the documents required for visa application require certified true copies (Certified True Copies), which must be witnessed by a designated professional, justice of the peace or registered immigration consultant and signed on the copy. The page charges $431. The Australian student visa application process seems simple, but the document requirements are strict and there are a lot of details to pay attention to. Therefore, it is recommended that students seek the assistance of experienced study abroad and immigration consulting companies if necessary.

When applying for an Australian student visa, remember to provide complete information, and be careful when filling in forms and other materials, otherwise your visa application will be rejected, which will affect your progress in studying abroad.