TryTrade Review – Extensive Investor Education Resources 


Account Minimum: $0

Fees: $0 for stock trades, $1 per-contract fee for options 

Top Benefits of TryTrade

TryTrade is a relatively new broker, but it has recently gained immense popularity among retail traders and institutional investors. Although the broker mainly emphasizes rich educational resources, it offers some unique perks. 

Rich educational materials 

TryTrade provides client-focused educational programs to help traders and investors to make informed financial decisions. Clients have access to videos, articles, infographics, and even webinars. The resources are available in different languages from which to choose. 

Excellent order execution 

TryTrade’s trading platforms leverage a proprietary order routing technology that enables you to execute trades promptly and at the best available prices in the market. 

On-demand customer support

Many traders and investors will also find investing with TryTrade relatively seamless due to their 24/7 customer support. Clients have a toll-free phone line, secure messaging, email, and live chats for convenient support and fast resolutions. 

Competitive fees 

TryTrade does not charge account minimums. They also allow commission-free stock trading and a $1 per contract fee for options trades. The broker mainly uses a tier-based pricing strategy that enables traders to cut costs significantly without affecting their market positions. 


TryTrade mainly started as a beginner-level trading platform, targeting new traders and casual investors. However, the broker has continually transformed its policies and practices to attract seasoned investors and active traders. While TryTrade now boasts a growing global clientele base, it still falls short in a few areas you should understand before opting for the platform. 


  • Extensive educational materials 
  • Outstanding market insights 
  • Diverse investment products 
  • Competitive fees 
  • Excellent trade execution 
  • On-demand customer support 


  • Limited trading tools and functionalities 
  • TryTrade is not available in some countries 

Trading Platforms 

TryTrade supports desktop, web, and mobile versions. You can use any platform to sign up and invest with the broker. TryTrade has streamlined the trading experience on all its platforms with nearly similar tools and functionalities. That also makes it easier for traders to use the venues simultaneously without difficulties. 

TryTrade’s trading platforms integrate the same product offerings. They allow users to place multiple order types and stage trades for later execution. The other tools and features you can also access on TryTrade include charting, portfolio analysis, live data streaming, screeners, calculators, price alerts, research, and news. 

While the platforms offer several fundamental trading tools, customizability is limited. Besides, TryTrade’s desktop, web, and mobile versions also fall short in technical features and functionalities. For instance, they do not support backtesting and advanced order types. 

Trading Instruments 

Unlike several new brokers with limited portfolios, TryTrade boasts an extensive selection of asset classes and fixed-income products. The broker emphasizes various trading instruments to allow traders and investors access unique investment opportunities. The following is a rundown of the currently available product offerings on TryTrade. 

  • Stocks 
  • Options 
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Bonds 
  • ETFs 
  • Crypto 
  • Forex 

TryTrade’s portfolio comprises short and long stocks, thousands of mutual funds, diverse types of bonds, major currency pairs, and cryptocurrencies. 


TryTrade does not subject clients to minimum account deposits, account transfer or closure fees, domestic wire transfers, and checking fees. It also has a zero commissions policy for stock trades. Options trades attract a standard $1 per contract fee. The margin interest rates and other trading fees vary based on the chosen asset class, trading volumes, and frequency. So, check their complete fee schedule before placing any trades. 

Education and Customer Support 

TryTrade offers excellent educational resources for all types of traders and investors. The materials cover various online investing topics and industry insights to help traders and investors to avoid risks and boost their trading skills and potential returns. You have access to well-organized articles, videos, infographics, and webinars. Besides, TryTrade also has a dedicated phone line, messaging center, email, and live chats for round-the-clock customer support. 

Final Verdict 

TryTrade offers rich educational resources, top-notch market insights, diverse investment products, competitive fees, and on-demand client support. The platform is ideal for beginner and casual investors, but active traders can also take advantage of its vast product offerings, low costs, and cutting-edge educational programs. Nevertheless, contact this broker for more information and tips to help you maximize your trading or investment returns. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.