Interesting facts about cats.

Cats are mysterious animals. There are many interesting facts about them. These animals attract the attention of people, they want to be stroked, purchased as a pet. The same golden british shorthair kitten causes a lot of positive emotions. And when a small creature grows up, it becomes the object of pride of its owners. This is quite understandable, because fluffy and purring creatures are the beauty of nature, which is brought to perfection by man.

There are a lot of interesting facts about the representatives of the cat family. By the way, it is worth recalling that majestic lions and graceful dangerous tigers belong to this family. Such kinship does honor to cats that live next to a person. People should not forget about this relationship. Then it is easier to understand the features of pets that have a certain behavior. Of course, there are significant differences. For example, domestic cats prefer to hold their tail up, which felines never do in the wild.

Cats live with a person who, in fact, knows little about them. So, in the skeleton of a domestic animal, there are 40 more bones than in a representative of the human race. The nose has an individual pattern, which in its originality can be compared with the originality of the pattern of the pad of a human finger. If it talks about age, then it is generally accepted that at 3 years old a pet is already an adult cat, which corresponds in age to a 21-year-old person. At 8 years old she is already 40 years old, and at 14 she is already old age.

What else is interesting?

Cats like to sleep a lot. The duration of their sleep can reach 16 hours a day. Their whiskers help them navigate in space. Furry creatures see well in low light conditions. However, contrary to popular belief, they cannot see in total darkness. Cats have excellent hearing. They can sort out the noises that their ears hear. By the way, their ears can rotate 180 degrees, which in itself is an amazing feature of the structure of the cat’s body.

Cats have paranormal powers. They are able to smell trouble before it happens. These animals anticipate natural disasters, fires and other disasters. In the Middle Ages, cute pets were considered servants of the devil. Of course, such a belief is a medieval heresy. But it is possible that they are able to see objects from the afterlife. People often tell when, after the death of a person, a cat begins to behave in a peculiar way. It’s like she’s following someone invisible. It is believed that the soul of a person after death is some time in his house. It is likely that the animal is watching her.

There are a huge number of breeds of representatives of domestic cats. There are breeds, the cost of which reaches a huge amount. There are breeds that are often bought because of the many attractive features for humans. For example, golden british shorthair is in demand in Canada today. Because these cats are very friendly. Their impeccable beauty contributes to the aesthetic satisfaction of contemplating the ideal creation of nature. But, by the way, not only nature tried here, but also a man who brought these stunningly beautiful animals many years ago.