Advance Your Career By Grabbing Cisco CCNA Certification And Open The Door To Limitless Opportunities In The IT Sector

Are you wondering how useful the Cisco CCNA certification can be for your career progress? No need to guess because it will be the best decision for you if you want to become proficient in network fundamentals, IP services, network access, and security fundamentals. Adding this accreditation to your resume will provide you with a solid validation of your knowledge and skills as well as open you up to a variety of career opportunities. Once you achieve the CCNA accreditation, you can showcase it on your profile to attract potential employers, which significantly increases your chances of getting the desired job. Do you want to learn more about this valuable designation and the benefits it brings? Then keep reading the paragraphs below!

What Is the Cisco 200-301 Exam? 

To achieve the prestigious Cisco CCNA certification, you will have to pass the 200-301 exam. The test has an allocated duration of 120 minutes and within this set timeframe, the examinees are required to answer around 100-120 questions. The evaluation is delivered in two languages, English and Japanese, and costs each applicant $300 plus applicable taxes. To get better clarity of the test and pass it with flying colors, the candidates need to master each domain of the exam syllabus in detail. Besides, the potential test-takers are recommended to have at least 1 year of professional experience in implementing and administering Cisco solutions. The understanding of basic IP addressing and network fundamentals will be also of help. 

Career Opportunities for the Cisco CCNA Certification Holders

Now that you know how to achieve the Cisco CCNA accreditation, you should be interested in the advantages you can get as a certified professional. After passing the Cisco 200-301 exam, you will be exposed to many career opportunities in the IT sector. This is because Cisco is a famous vendor and its certifications are accepted by the top companies all over the world. The individuals who hold the Cisco designation have credibility in the job market as the employers can rely on their expertise. Well, some of the job roles you can take up after achieving the certificate are as follows: 

  • Network Administrator 
  • Systems Administrator 
  • Network Analyst 
  • Network Engineer

When it comes to the compensation for Cisco CCNA professionals, a Network Administrator can earn an average salary of $63,767 yearly, while a Systems Administrator can have an annual income of $66,891, as revealed by A Network Analyst holding the CCNA accreditation can earn on average $61,167 per year. In its turn, a certified Network Engineer can get a remuneration of $76,081 annually.  

Conclusion No matter how tough it seems to get the Cisco CCNA certification, this designation clears your path and paves the road to success in your professional life. The Cisco CCNA accreditation will advance your career and provide you a chance to work in a high position within reputable firms. All you have to do is to be passionate and put in a lot of hard work to achieve this Cisco certification. Prepare diligently for the Cisco 200-301 exam and embark on enhancing your expertise in the IT field.